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Emanuel Derman

Physicists & economists, influence & responsibility

Sep 02 2011

I grew up in a post-WWII world where, temporarily, because of their capacity to create devices that wreak destruction, physicists had lots of influence in government.

A serious question

Sep 01 2011

Capitalism depends on lending and borrowing, and hence on banks.

PPE morphs to PNE

Aug 30 2011

The internecine arguments by economists in the daily papers show that a good part of economics is about what is good and how to achieve it.

No more time decay

Aug 28 2011

The hurricane edition of the NY Times contains an article about a new British TV show on the downside of immortality.

We the people

Aug 25 2011

I have been reading a column in the Sydney Morning Herald by their Economics Writer Jessica Irvine.

Globalization: Intended and actual

Aug 24 2011

I had thought globalization was a good idea. The developed world was rich, and it seemed as though outsourcing was going to diminish the wealth discrepancy between the rich and poor, decreasing the slope of the wealth line between the USA and the developing world.

Tobin or not Tobin?

Aug 18 2011

If there's one larger lesson one learns from options theory that transcends its technical details, it's that there aren't unmitigated goods.

My life with the Maladroid

Aug 16 2011

Google's big battle will be that they know (and care) nothing about customer support or user interface.

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