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Aid worker kidnappings 'big business' as criminals wade in: ex-hostage

Aug 13 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Kidnapping of aid workers has become "big business" as militants often work with crime networks to carry out abductions, a senior United Nations official and former hostage said on Tuesday.

Britain sees big rise in same-sex couples living together

Aug 08 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The number of same-sex couples living together in Britain has jumped by more than 50 percent in three years, driven by a big surge in gay marriage, according to official statistics.

France fines more than 700 in first year of 'cat-call' law

Aug 06 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - French authorities have fined more than 700 men for harassing women in public since the introduction of a law a year ago to stop cat-calls, lewd comments and gestures.

Britain urged to act over rising global attacks on aid workers

Aug 05 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Growing violence against aid and health workers in conflict zones is jeopardising humanitarian operations, British parliamentarians said on Tuesday as they urged the country to lead international efforts to hold aggressors to account.

Actress Emma Watson launches UK sexual harassment helpline

Aug 05 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Women need to know their rights if sexual harassment at work is to stop, actress Emma Watson said on Monday as she launched a legal advice line for victims in Britain.

Top tourism spots crack down as they become victim of own success

Jul 22 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It is not the sheer number of tourists descending on Venice that bothers Italian food blogger Monica Cesarato so much as the type of visitor.

Making waves: Female round-the-world crew to fight ocean plastic

Jul 10 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - More than 300 women will join a round-the-world voyage launching in October to highlight the devastating impact of plastic pollution in the oceans and conduct scientific research into the escalating crisis.

Kyrgyzstan makes history as it ends plight of last 'legal ghosts'

Jul 04 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Kyrgyzstan handed citizenship to the last stateless people on its territory on Thursday in what U.N. officials hailed as a breakthrough in the global fight to end the plight of millions of "legal ghosts" who lack any nationality.

Europol sets up taskforce to target most dangerous human traffickers

Jul 02 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From jet skis to yachts, traffickers are resorting to increasingly innovative ways to smuggle people into Europe, a senior Europol officer said on Tuesday as the police agency launched a taskforce to tackle the lucrative trade.

Stateless woman tells how she couldn't visit dying dad

Jun 28 2019

THE HAGUE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Ekaterina's father was dying she could not visit him in Uzbekistan because she did not have a passport – so she tried to get herself deported.

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