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'Scared to be openly gay': Fear in Spain after man beaten to death

Jul 07 2021

(Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Alejandra Aguado has started to think twice about what to wear when she goes out in Spain for fear of being attacked for being a transgender woman amid rising violence against LGBT+ people.

Germany to ease rules on gay and bisexual men donating blood

Jun 29 2021

BERLIN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Germany is to relax a ban requiring gay and bisexual men to abstain from sex for a year before donating blood, as the coronavirus crisis ramps up pressure on global supplies.

Europe's LGBT+ Prides swap parties for politics due to COVID-19

May 17 2021

LONDON/BERLIN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Pride marches around Europe are swapping mass parties for much smaller gatherings focused on fighting LGBT+ inequality, with one of the world's biggest parades announcing on Monday scaled back plans for this year's event due to COVID-19.

German priests defy Vatican ban by blessing same-sex unions

May 11 2021

BERLIN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Catholic Church has lost touch with the "living reality" of LGBT+ people, said one of more than 100 German priests who are defying the Vatican this week by blessing same-sex couples. | Video

Lesbian mothers flood German courts with demands for parenting rights

May 06 2021

BERLIN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Inga celebrated the birth of her first child with her wife Jenny, the last thing she expected in her bid to be recognised as the baby's second mother was a criminal record check - so she went to court to change the law.

Hate crimes against LGBT+ people in Germany rise 36% in 2020

May 04 2021

BERLIN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hate crimes against LGBT+ people increased by 36% in Germany in 2020, highlighting an increase in homophobic attacks and politically motivated violence in the country in recent years, the government and campaigners said on Tuesday.

Germany bans surgeries on intersex babies, but loopholes feared

Mar 26 2021

BERLIN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Germany has banned unnecessary surgeries on babies who are born intersex, neither clearly male or female, but critics warned on Friday that the new law could easily be sidestepped by doctors and parents.

LGBT+ Pride marches plan comeback as COVID-19 vaccinations gather pace

Feb 26 2021

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Some of Europe's biggest LGBT+ Pride marches are being planned for later this year as mass COVID-19 vaccination drives raise hopes of a post-pandemic return to the streets, organisers said on Friday.

Berliners reimagine public space as illegal raves defy the pandemic

Aug 13 2020

BERLIN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Some 80 people dance to techno music throbbing out of a professional sound system decorated with neon lights in a glade in Berlin's Grunewald forest. No face masks are in sight, and revellers keep as much or as little distance as they like.

Austria issues first intersex birth certificate after four-year battle

Jul 16 2020

BERLIN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Austria issued its first intersex birth certificate on Thursday, after a four-year battle, as a growing number of countries offer identity documents with options other than male and female.

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