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Imitate Vaxjo? As heat rises, Swedish city goes green - and thrives

Aug 29 2018

VAXJO, Sweden Ringed by forests in southern Sweden, the city of Vaxjo is thriving even as it cuts greenhouse gas emissions at rates more typical of economic crashes in recessions or wars. | Video

Heatwaves, rains may become more severe as weather stalls-study

Aug 20 2018

OSLO Scorching summer heatwaves and downpours are set to become more extreme in the northern hemisphere as global warming makes weather patterns linger longer in the same place, scientists said on Monday. | Video

Dimming sunlight to slow global warming may harm crop yields: study

Aug 08 2018

OSLO Spraying a veil of sun-dimming chemicals high above the Earth to slow global warming could harm crop yields in an unintended side-effect of turning down the heat, U.S. scientists said on Wednesday.

Deep reefs won't be 'twilight zone' refuge for fish, corals: study

Jul 19 2018

OSLO Deep coral reefs in a "twilight zone" in the oceans differ sharply from those near the surface, dimming hopes that they can be a refuge for marine life fleeing threats such as climate change and pollution, scientists said on Thursday.

Molson Coors steps up climate fight, even as heat drives thirst

Jul 11 2018

OSLO Molson Coors is stepping up efforts to fight global warming even though recent hot weather in Europe during the World Cup has lifted beer sales for one of the world's biggest brewers, Chief Executive Mark Hunter said on Wednesday.

Borealis says aims to makes products completely from recycled plastics

Jun 27 2018

OSLO Plastic refuse should be seen as a raw material, able to produce "completely waste-based" recycled goods, the incoming chief executive of Austrian plastics maker Borealis AG told Reuters, vowing his firm would do its bit to cut pollution.

Near-record tree cover losses in 2017 strip area as big as Italy

Jun 27 2018

OSLO The world lost tree cover the size of Italy in 2017 as forests were cleared using fire to make way for farms from the Amazon to the Congo Basin, an independent forest monitoring network said on Wednesday.

Thaw of Antarctic ice lifts up land, might slow sea level rise

Jun 21 2018

OSLO, June 21 Antarctica's bedrock is rising surprisingly fast as a vast mass of ice melts into the oceans, a trend that might slow an ascent in sea levels caused by global warming, scientists said on Thursday.

Experts warn governments to plan for climate change migrants

Jan 08 2015

OSLO, Jan 8 Governments need to plan better for rising migration driven by climate change, experts said on Thursday, citing evidence that extreme weather and natural disasters force far more people from their homes than wars.

U.S., British data show 2014 could be hottest year on record

Nov 27 2014

OSLO, Nov 27 This year may eclipse 2010 as the hottest since records began in the 19th century, a sign long-term global warming is being stoked by rising greenhouse gas emissions, scientists said.

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