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Eveline Danubrata

Indonesia's first ever IPO by a startup draws robust investor interest

Oct 05 2017

JAKARTA E-commerce firm PT Kioson Komersial Indonesia Tbk drew strong investor interest for Indonesia's first ever IPO by a startup, and its shares surged on their trading debut in very thin volumes on Thursday.

Indonesia hopes investors will snap up "komodo bonds" to fund infrastructure

Sep 28 2017

JAKARTA, Sept 28 Four Indonesian state firms are preparing to issue what could be the first rupiah-denominated global bonds, termed "komodo bonds", to raise funds for infrastructure projects in the country, senior officials said.

Forbidden fruit: Indonesia palm oil plantations boost security to stop thieves

Aug 09 2017

JAKARTA Indonesian security companies have seen a surge in demand for guards to protect palm oil plantations from fruit thieves and land grabbers, amid a rebound in prices of the commodity used to churn out everything from cooking oil to soap.

Google to work with Indonesia to tackle content deemed offensive

Aug 04 2017

JAKARTA Alphabet Inc's Google is working with Indonesia to tackle video content deemed to be offensive, including material that might incite violence or hate speech, a senior official of the search giant said on Friday.

Indonesian travel site Traveloka to expand tourist attraction booking service

Aug 02 2017

JAKARTA Indonesian travel start-up Traveloka, which has raised nearly $500 million from investors including Expedia Inc and China's JD.com Inc, plans to ramp up its new tourist attraction booking service next year, a senior executive said.

Veiled marketing: Anti-smoking groups slam Indonesia's Big Tobacco

Aug 02 2017

JAKARTA Anti-smoking groups in Indonesia have slammed Big Tobacco for promoting sales by giving retailers cash rewards, shopping vouchers and even money to renovate, urging authorities to enforce advertising curbs to safeguard public health.

Indonesia's Bank Mandiri makes private banking push in Singapore

Jul 19 2017

JAKARTA Indonesia's largest bank by assets, PT Bank Mandiri Tbk , plans to open a full branch in Singapore as it makes a push into private banking in the city-state by targeting freshly declared wealth under Indonesia's tax amnesty scheme.

Indonesia parliament speaker denies any wrongdoing in ID-card programme

Jul 18 2017

JAKARTA The speaker of Indonesia's parliament on Tuesday denied allegations that he helped cause big losses to the state in connection with the issuance of electronic national identity cards.

Indonesian state firms lure foreign funds with share in future revenue

Jul 08 2017

JAKARTA Indonesian state firms are courting foreign pension funds by offering a share in future revenue from toll roads, power stations and other infrastructure projects, as part of a presidential drive to secure $10 billion in additional inflows.

Indonesian state firms securitize assets in bid for big inflows

Jul 07 2017

JAKARTA Indonesian state firms aim to get big international pension funds to buy their securities backed by future income of infrastructure assets, in a bid to help President Joko Widodo win $10 billion in additional inflows.

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