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Uruguay has Latam's best record in COVID-19 fight. Now cases are climbing

Nov 18 2020

MONTEVIDEO Uruguay, a relative coronavirus-free zone in hard-hit Latin America, is starting to see a worrying rise in cases, sparking concern among government officials that the country could reverse course after a long period of containing the pandemic.

Uruguay urges 'responsible freedom' after daily coronavirus cases exceed 100

Nov 18 2020

MONTEVIDEO, Nov 18 Uruguay recorded 104 new coronavirus cases in a day for the first time since the pandemic began, sparking concern among government officials that the country could reverse course after a long period of successful containment.

Pandemic, taxes lure Argentines to stable neighbor Uruguay

Nov 02 2020

BUENOS AIRES/MONTEVIDEO, Nov 2 Máximo Andrieu, 69, is getting ready to turn his back on Argentina and start a new life in neighboring Uruguay, long a bastion of laid-back stability that is luring Argentines tired of political upheaval and economic turmoil.

In Brazil's shadow, laid-back Uruguay curbs COVID-19

May 28 2020

MONTEVIDEO Leonardo Silveira, a bookstore owner in Montevideo, is hopeful about the future as Uruguay begins a gradual reopening. The small country has kept rates of COVID-19 at one of the lowest levels in Latin America, even as the region becomes a coronavirus epicenter.

Bolivia, Uruguay confirm first coronavirus deaths

Mar 29 2020

MONTEVIDEO/LA PAZ Uruguay and Bolivia have confirmed their first deaths related to coronavirus, as many Latin America countries go into lockdown in a bid to mitigate the impact of the global pandemic that has infected nearly 700,000 people worldwide and killed over 30,000.

Uruguay presidential inauguration sees Latin 'pink tide' recede further

Mar 01 2020

MONTEVIDEOUruguay will shift to the right on Sunday with the inauguration of conservative Luis Lacalle Pou as president after 15 years of left-wing rule.

Uruguay President-elect warns of tensions in Mercosur trade bloc

Dec 02 2019

MONTEVIDEO South America's Mercosur trade bloc faces a tense future, the president-elect of member nation Uruguay said on Monday, referring to a diplomatic spat between regional heavyweight economies Brazil and Argentina.

Uruguay opposition leads presidential vote; result too close to call

Nov 24 2019

MONTEVIDEO Uruguay's conservative opposition was on track to win a presidential election run-off against the ruling liberal party late on Sunday, but a slimmer-than-expected lead meant an official result was not expected for some days.

Uruguay braces for political right turn in election as region convulses

Nov 22 2019

MONTEVIDEO Uruguayans will vote on Sunday in a presidential ballot that appears set to sweep the right-leaning opposition into power and end the center-left's 15-year rule amid widespread political turbulence in the region.

Uruguay election: Will cooling growth tip laid-back Uruguay back to the right?

Oct 23 2019

MONTEVIDEO Uruguay will head to the polls on Sunday, with the right-leaning opposition looking to break the hold of the long-standing center-left ruling party, as voters fret about slowing economic growth.

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