Fabien Werner

Uruguay's ruling party takes blame for likely ouster in vote next month

Oct 30 2019

BUENOS AIRES A senior figure in Uruguay's longtime ruling party said on Monday it had failed to drive home its achievements with voters, as it appeared increasingly likely it would lose power in a second-round vote next month.

Uruguay faces second-round election with candidates neck-and-neck

Oct 28 2019

BUENOS AIRES OkRuling liberal coalition candidate Daniel Martinez was narrowly leading the Uruguay election in the early hours of Monday, according to an official count of just over a quarter of votes, but a determining second round will be needed.

Uruguay heads to the polls with tight race expected

Oct 27 2019

MONTEVIDEO Uruguayans headed out to vote Sunday in the South American country's general election, with the liberal coalition that has ruled for more than 14 years facing its toughest challenge yet from a resurgent conservative right.

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