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Child labor cartoon? Brazil turns to TV to shed light on slavery

Aug 08 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From a cartoon about child workers to an HBO mini series, Brazil is turning to television and social media to shed light on modern slavery and change attitudes through entertainment.

Top mobile company Telefonica Brasil found guilty of slave labor

Jul 31 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Leading mobile company Telefonica Brasil and three firms in its supply chain have been found guilty of engaging in slave labor, authorities said on Wednesday.

They exist: rare clip shows uncontacted tribe under threat in Brazil

Jul 23 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Rare video of one of Brazil's last uncontacted indigenous tribes has been released to help raise awareness about threats to their survival, campaigners said on Tuesday.

Brazil to issue 'dirty list' of employers using slave labor based on court findings

Jul 02 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Brazil will create a new "dirty list" of employers that engaged in modern slavery, drawn from a roster of companies and people found guilty in labor courts of the practice, officials said on Tuesday.

Exclusive: Rio de Janeiro expands unpaid prison labor program

Jun 26 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The government of Brazil's Rio de Janeiro state has expanded an unpaid work scheme for prisoners that human rights experts have denounced as illegal, official documents obtained exclusively by the Thomson Reuters Foundation show.

FACTBOX-Why do employers fear Brazil's slavery 'dirty list'?

Jun 16 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, June 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - B razil's "dirty list" of employers that have engaged in slave labor is considered one the country's best tools in its efforts to end slave labor. When last published, in April, it had about 186 names.

EXCLUSIVE-Major companies found using courts to avoid Brazil's slave labor 'dirty list'

Jun 16 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO, June 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Major businesses in Brazil are using court injunctions to avoid being named and shamed on the country's slave labor "dirty list" - a practice that prosecutors and judges said weakened a key tool designed to stop companies profiting from slavery.

Brazil's top court rules to make homophobia a crime

May 24 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A majority of judges in Brazil's top court has voted to criminalize homophobia in a move welcomed by campaigners concerned about a rollback in gay rights and the murder of hundreds of LGBT+ people every year.

ESPECIAL: 'Estou com você' - mulheres trans ajudam vítimas de tráfico no Brasil

May 16 2019

SÃO PAULO, (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Quando Valéria Rodrigues acompanha a polícia brasileira em operações de resgate de mulheres transgênero vítimas de tráfico humano para prostituição, ela vai armada com guloseimas - chocolate, pão, pedaços de frutas.

'I am with you' - the trans women helping trafficking victims in Brazil

May 15 2019

SAO PAULO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Valeria Rodrigues accompanies Brazilian police on dawn raids to rescue transgender women trafficked into prostitution, she goes armed with snacks - chocolate, bread, pieces of fruit.

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