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Fabio Teixeira

ESPECIAL: 'Estou com você' - mulheres trans ajudam vítimas de tráfico no Brasil

May 16 2019

SÃO PAULO, (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Quando Valéria Rodrigues acompanha a polícia brasileira em operações de resgate de mulheres transgênero vítimas de tráfico humano para prostituição, ela vai armada com guloseimas - chocolate, pão, pedaços de frutas.

'I am with you' - the trans women helping trafficking victims in Brazil

May 15 2019

SAO PAULO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Valeria Rodrigues accompanies Brazilian police on dawn raids to rescue transgender women trafficked into prostitution, she goes armed with snacks - chocolate, bread, pieces of fruit.

Homophobic remarks by Brazil's president may harm tourism industry

Apr 26 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A comment from President Jair Bolsonaro that Brazil must not become a "gay tourism paradise" sparked concerns that LGBT+ people will avoid traveling to the country, fearing violence, campaigners and industry representatives said on Friday.

Labor inspectors in Brazil face dire lack of funds and personnel: officials

Apr 25 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A main government body responsible for the fight against slavery and labor infractions in Brazil is in a "calamitous" state, leading to a lower number of victims being rescued in recent years, top government officials told Congress on Thursday.

Volunteers or slaves? Brazil accused of illegal jail labor

Apr 11 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Cash-strapped Rio de Janeiro is using prisoners as "volunteer workers" to maintain jails in a move that human rights experts said was illegal and treated inmates like slaves.

Brazil music festival accused of using homeless as slaves

Apr 10 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Organizers of an international music festival in Sao Paulo were formally accused on Wednesday by a workers' union of using homeless people to build its stages and subjecting them to slavery-like conditions.

Brazil names major fashion company to its slavery 'dirty list'

Apr 03 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The maker of two of Brazil's biggest fashion brands was named to the country's "dirty list" of companies that have engaged in slave labor, with workers putting in excessive hours for scarcely any pay, government officials said on Wednesday.

Polícia brasileira desmantela quadrilha de tráfico de mulheres transgênero

Mar 14 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO, 14 Mar (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A polícia brasileira desmantelou uma quadrilha de tráfico de pessoas cujas vítimas eram mulheres transgênero. Segundo declaração das autoridades, a quadrilha oferecia arcar com os custos de cirurgias e depois forçava as mulheres a praticarem a prostituição para pagar a dívida.

Brazilian police takes down trafficking ring targeting trans women

Mar 13 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Police in Brazil have dismantled a human trafficking ring that targeted transgender women, offering to cover the cost of surgery then forcing them into prostitution to pay for it, authorities said on Wednesday.

Raid on Brazilian cult exposes workers in slavery-like conditions

Mar 08 2019

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An ongoing investigation into a religious cult in Brazil has found 79 people in slavery-like conditions on a farm, federal authorities said on Friday.

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