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Fabrizio Bensch

Turkey frees German-Turkish journalist, who flies to Berlin

Feb 16 2018

BERLIN A Turkish court freed German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yucel on Friday pending trial after indicting him for alleged security offences, in a move welcomed by Berlin and which could lead to an easing of tensions between the two NATO allies.

Robo-cams cover all the Olympic angles

Aug 01 2012

We are on day 5 of the London 2012 Olympic games and our robotic cameras triggered by the team of Reuters photographers are producing amazing pictures from the most unusual angles whenever athletes all over the world are competing for gold, silver and bronze medals.

Robo-cams go for Olympic gold

Jul 04 2012

Is it possible to get 11 photographers into a box and put them in a position where you could never place a photographer? Normally, it would be absolutely impossible. But nothing is impossible when it comes to the Olympic games.

May Day, the same procedure every year

May 03 2012

Every year I know how my Labour day will end in Berlin. May day concludes in Kreuzberg with riots between radical leftists, the so-called “Autonomen” (autonomists), masked and wearing mostly black clothes and the police.

Looking into the eyes of a mass murderer

Apr 17 2012

He used the court like a stage for himself. He sat on his chair looking at the audience. It seemed as if he would smile from time to time. His eyes were bright and cold.

Following a nuclear train

Dec 01 2011

126 hours from La Hague to Gorleben; the longest ever nuclear waste transport from Germany to France.

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