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Zimbabweans turn to sex work amid economic crisis and COVID-19

Oct 28 2020

MUTARE, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Dressed in a miniskirt and blouse, Esther Kamupunga stood in semi-darkness waiting for men looking for sex - the latest Zimbabwean to lose her job in a deepening economic crisis, worsened by the new coronavirus.

Pandemic spurs illegal gold rush in Zimbabwe mountains

Oct 12 2020

CHIMANIMANI, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Known for their rugged ranges, grassy plains and forest waterfalls, the Chimanimani mountains in eastern Zimbabwe have long been a popular destination for tourists - and gold miners hoping to strike it rich.

Rugby saves school girls from child marriage in rural Zimbabwe

Oct 01 2020

HAUNA, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When the girls at Sahumani Secondary School in eastern Zimbabwe started playing rugby, they had to make do with the soccer pitch and the oversized football shirts used by the boys.

Land hunters: App matches Zimbabwe's farmers with vacant plots

Sep 25 2020

HARARE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For more than a year, Lionda Mhonda searched for a plot of land to buy in northeastern Zimbabwe, but struggled to find anything that was both affordable and came with a legitimate title deed.

Zimbabwe makes it illegal for schools to expel pregnant girls

Aug 25 2020

MUTARE, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Zimbabwe has made it illegal for schools to expel pupils who get pregnant, a measure women's rights campaigners said would help tackle gender inequality in the classroom and stop many girls from dropping out of school.

As Africa looks for clean power, nuclear interest grows

Apr 09 2020

ACCRA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Faced with power shortfalls, demands for greener energy and drought threats to hydropower, a growing range of African nations are considering a shift to an unexpected power source - nuclear energy.

Zimbabwe reopens produce markets after protests by drought-hit farmers

Apr 08 2020

MUTARE, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Zimbabwe has reopened fresh produce markets after pressure from farmers who struggled to sell their harvest under restrictions aimed at stemming spread of the novel coronavirus, Zimbabwean officials said.

Storm-hit Zimbabweans endure another rainy season in risky homes

Jan 29 2020

CHIMANIMANI, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Albert Sabawe, 25, is waiting to eat lunch, resting against the wall of his flimsy wooden home in a small village in eastern Zimbabwe's Chimanimani district.

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