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Gabriel D. Crossley

Hong Kong bans entry of visitors from China virus province

Jan 27 2020

BEIJING/SHANGHAI Residents of China's Hubei province, where the new coronavirus outbreak was first reported, will be banned from entering Hong Kong from Monday as China tries to halt the rapid spread of the outbreak. | Video

China virus outbreak pressures already weakened economy

Jan 27 2020

BEIJING A coronavirus outbreak in China which has killed 81 people and spread to many countries is expected to hurt its economy, an engine of global growth, though analysts say it is too early to quantify the overall impact on businesses and consumers.

China says trade deal good for all, media discourages 'nitpicking'

Jan 16 2020

BEIJING Chinese state media on Thursday warned against any "nitpicking" as Beijing portrayed the Phase 1 trade deal with United States and its new commitments to massive purchases of American goods as a boon for China's economy.

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