Gabriela Donoso

Backstory: As a riot rages, a smartly-dressed Chilean sips his soda

Dec 10 2019

SANTIAGO Wearing dark glasses, a suit and tie and sipping on a soda, the smartly-dressed Chilean standing on a Santiago boulevard looks surprisingly nonchalant about the tumult around him, with riot police chasing down masked protesters.

Blinded by rubber bullets, Chilean student becomes rallying point for protesters

Dec 04 2019

SANTIAGO Protesters against Chile President Sebastian Pinera's government have rallied around a student blinded by police rubber bullets and his family hopes a photo capturing his injuries will increase international pressure on the administration.

Chile army declares curfew, president reverses fare hikes after unrest

Oct 20 2019

SANTIAGO The Chilean military declared a night-time curfew in the capital on Saturday and President Sebastian Pinera announced he would freeze an unpopular public transport policy, as the government struggled to tackle widespread unrest in the streets over fare hikes.

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