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Stretch your retirement with this tax-saving strategy

Feb 20 2019

CHICAGO Retirement strategy is about more than just how you will spend the money you have saved – it matters where that money is coming from too.

Help available for first-time buyers, if you can find it

Feb 07 2019

CHICAGO (It took 52-year-old social worker Nancy Peterson a combination of five different grants and low interest loans to accumulate $80,000 for the downpayment she needed to become a first-time home buyer in Seattle last summer.

Working to 70 is not an easy fix to the retirement crisis

Jan 30 2019

CHICAGO It may seem a simple solution to the brewing U.S. retirement crisis: Get people to work until 70 before retiring and 85 percent will have the money they need for retirement.

How the shutdown affects tuition payments and loans

Jan 23 2019

CHICAGO With the partial U.S. government shutdown about a month old, a student showed up at the College of Southern Maryland's financial aid office with two preschool children in tow to request emergency help paying her $3,000 in tuition and fees. She is one of the 800,000 workers not getting paid.

Cash can beat stocks in returns and happiness

Jan 09 2019

CHICAGO How bad was 2018 for investors? They pulled a record amount of money from stock and bond funds late in 2018 and tucked it into safe havens such as CDs, money market funds or U.S. Treasuries that mature in a year or less.

How to kickstart a young person's retirement

Dec 19 2018

CHICAGO When the Vondruska family gathers in Watersmeet, Michigan on Christmas Eve to open presents, the grandchildren will not be ripping open any packages from their grandparents.

Money disasters can derail retirement

Nov 28 2018

CHICAGO Karyn Golden’s income was approaching $200,000 as she lived a carefree single existence at the peak of her career in Chicago, 20 years ago. She brokered real estate deals, served on boards and lunched with political leaders.  She never imagined she would be where she is now – 70 and down to her last $200 in savings.

How to make the most of your college tax breaks

Nov 14 2018

CHICAGO All that tuition you pay has one silver lining: tax breaks.

Refresh yourself on U.S. tax changes before it is too late

Oct 31 2018

CHICAGO Already seeing winter holiday decorations in your local stores, even though it is just Halloween? In the same spirit, it is time to start prepping for filing your tax return, which is due by April 15, 2019.

Three tax moves to make before the end of the year

Oct 24 2018

CHICAGO Think you are getting a big refund in April when you file the first tax return under the changes in the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act?

World News

Venezuelan government suspends negotiations with opposition

CARACAS/PRAIA (Reuters) -Venezuela on Saturday said it would suspend negotiations with the opposition that were set to resume this weekend, after Cape Verde extradited Colombian businessman Alex Saab, a Venezuelan envoy, to the United States on money laundering charges.