Gary Cameron

“Bring the generator, and a chainsaw”

Jul 05 2012

Heading home on Interstate 81 south, I saw plenty of power company trucks from various U.S. states and Canada going in the same direction. Little did I realize that quite a few of those trucks were heading for my very own neighborhood in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Taking the field with wounded warriors

May 29 2012

The night before I was to head to central New York state to cover the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team for a Memorial Day weekend story, I played a double-header on my own softball team.

Shuttle dream discovery

Apr 18 2012

Having Discovery fly over one last time a mere 1,500 feet above my head, was a thrill of a lifetime. $192 billion (total cost of the 30 year shuttle space program) well-spent I say.

The Kodak tragedy

Jan 19 2012

Like so many consumers who have seen the continual demise of Eastman Kodak and it’s many film, and film-related products, I view today’s filing for Chapter 11 protection with incredible sadness.

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