Gerauds Wilfried Obangome

Gabon oil and utilities workers strike over COVID-19 measures

Jan 11 2022

LIBREVILLE Gabon's oil workers' union and water and electricity workers' union began a general strike on Tuesday in protest against COVID-19 restrictions and the cost of PCR tests, they said.

Gabon votes to reverse ban on homosexuality

Jun 30 2020

LIBREVILLE Gabon's Senate voted on Monday to decriminalise homosexuality, a landmark result that makes the country one of the few in Africa to reverse a ban on same-sex relationships. | Video

Gabon finds 200 missing containers of rare hardwood - prosecutor

May 15 2019

LIBREVILLE Gabon has recovered 200 containers of protected hardwood out of a larger haul that was confiscated by the authorities earlier this year and then went missing, a senior prosecutor said late on Monday.

Gabon vows no mercy over theft of hardwood worth nearly $250 million

May 14 2019

LIBREVILLE Gabon's president vowed on Monday to find and punish those responsible for the disappearance of over 350 containers of protected hardwood worth nearly $250 million.

Gabon thwarts military coup attempt in President's absence

Jan 07 2019

LIBREVILLE Gabon foiled an attempted military coup on Monday, killing two suspected plotters and capturing seven others just hours after they took over state radio in a bid to end 50 years of rule by President Ali Bongo's family. | Video

Fading oil industry brings economic uncertainty in Gabon

Mar 28 2017

LIBREVILLE/DAKAR Charles Lekabi lived comfortably as a driver for an oil company in Gabon's industrial town of Port Gentil until he was laid off three years ago. "Today, I struggle to pay my rent," said Lekabi, who worked for French oil company Total for seven years before he was let go for economic reasons.

Gabon opposition leader rejects Bongo's legitimacy, calls for talks

Sep 29 2016

LIBREVILLE Gabon's opposition leader Jean Ping called on Thursday for national talks to form a "new republic" and urged foreign powers to impose sanctions on allies of President Ali Bongo, sworn in this week after a disputed election in the oil-producing nation.

Gabon opposition leader rejects ruling upholding Bongo poll win

Sep 24 2016

LIBREVILLE Gabon opposition leader Jean Ping on Saturday rejected what he said was an "unjust" ruling by the Constitutional Court which upheld the victory of President Ali Bongo in the Aug. 27 poll that he says was tarnished by fraud.

Gabon braces for violence on eve of election ruling

Sep 22 2016

LIBREVILLE The scars from earlier violence in Gabon's palm-lined capital warn of what may lie ahead: the parliament building gutted by fire; the opposition headquarters riddled with bullet holes; shops looted and their windows smashed.

Gabon opposition leader challenges vote as mediation mission postponed

Sep 08 2016

LIBREVILLE Gabon's opposition leader lodged a constitutional court challenge on Thursday against a presidential election he narrowly lost, hoping to overturn a result whose validity has been questioned at home and abroad.

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