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Gregory Scruggs

Unfinished business? Vancouver mayor departs with 'Greenest City' goal uncertain

Oct 19 2018

SEATTLE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson campaigned for his job in 2008, he made a bold promise: To make Vancouver the greenest city in the world by 2020.

CORRECTED-FEATURE -Salmon fishing in the U.S. - new threats to age-old Native life

Oct 16 2018

CASCADE LOCKS, Oregon, Oct 16 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - R ebeccah Winnier’s father had a well-worn saying: “Daughter, when the fish are here, you’ve got to fish them.”

Boomtown Seattle aims to add jobs - and subtract emissions

Oct 10 2018

SEATTLE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From the Bullitt Center’s roof, Seattle’s status as the North American crane capital is in full view.

FEATURE-On the road to zero carbon, Portland pinches off fossil fuels

Oct 03 2018

PORTLAND, Oregon, Oct 4 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Three years ago, a group of eighth graders came before Portland's City Council to ask for something unusual: a ban on new facilities to transport or store fossil fuels in the city.

Sleeping giants: Hawaii eruption reverberates in U.S. Northwest

Oct 02 2018

VANCOUVER, Washington (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - On a clear day, scientists at the Cascades Volcano Observatory can see the dimpled summit of Mount St. Helens from the rooftop of their base in a suburban office park.

Funding for U.S. land acquisition program expires in Congress

Oct 01 2018

SEATTLE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A decades-old U.S. public fund used to purchase land for parks and recreation has dried up after lawmakers failed to meet a deadline to reauthorize its funding.

As San Francisco gentrifies, a gay subculture secures its space

Sep 29 2018

SAN FRANCISCO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tens of thousands of men decked out in platform boots, jock straps, leather harnesses or simply nothing at all will take to San Francisco's streets on Sunday in celebration of a gay subculture the city has made its own.

Mapping the missing: Cartographer plots disappeared native women

Sep 28 2018

SEATTLE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ashley Loring Heavyrunner disappeared from the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana in June 2017, one of thousands of indigenous women recorded missing in the United States and Canada in recent decades.

How agile is your city? Urban experts call for more flexible land use

Sep 19 2018

SEATTLE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Cities will have to embrace "agility" to adapt land use to the flexible needs that new technological innovations will require, the World Economic Forum said in a report released on Wednesday.

When the music's over: cities suffer as venues fall to developers

Sep 17 2018

SEATTLE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Pearl Jam led 50,000 people in a chant of "Save the Showbox" in a Seattle stadium last month, the rockers confronted a question facing many cities: When do the cultural costs of a property boom become too high?

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