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Half of Afghans need humanitarian aid as violence rises - EU commissioner

Feb 03 2021

KABUL Half of Afghans need humanitarian aid but rising violence is preventing deliveries, a senior European Union humanitarian official said on Wednesday, reiterating calls for a ceasefire between the Afghan government and the insurgent Taliban.

Afghanistan's first female breakdancer sets sights on Paris Olympics

Jan 27 2021

KABUL When 18-year old Manizha Talash joined a small but ardent breakdancing community in Afghanistan a few months ago she was the only woman, but she already aims to represent her country in one of the latest sports to be admitted to the Olympics. | Video

Afghan female artist breaks tattoo taboo in Kabul studio

Nov 30 2020

KABUL Soraya Shahidy carefully lays a stencil on Nargis Merzayi's arm before inking the latest tattoo in her salon in Afghanistan's capital Kabul. | Video

Young Afghan female mountaineer plans next summit to 'show the world what we can do'

Sep 30 2020

KABUL Eighteen-year old Fatima Sultani gazes at the peak of a mountain near Afghanistan's capital Kabul after completing a morning climbing session, considering her next challenge. | Video

Afghan firm eyes emerging middle class with new cars, trucks

Sep 02 2020

KABUL An Afghan company has unveiled a range of small trucks and passenger vans which it hopes will appeal to a local market still dominated by second-hand Japanese models imported via Dubai.

Afghanistan to release 400 'hard-core' Taliban prisoners in bid for peace

Aug 09 2020

KABUL The Afghan government agreed on Sunday to release 400 "hard-core" Taliban prisoners, paving the way for peace talks aimed at ending almost two decades of war. | Video

Afghan girl takes up motocross and champions women's rights

Jul 29 2020

KABUL For 16-year-old Negin Afshar, riding a motorbike around a dirt track in Kabul isn't just about the excitement. It is also a way to show that Afghan women can be tough too in a country where concerns are growing that hard-earned rights might be lost. | Video

Four killed, eight wounded in blast at Kabul mosque during Friday prayers

Jun 12 2020

KABUL A blast in a Kabul mosque during Friday prayers killed at least four people and wounded eight, Afghanistan's interior ministry said on Friday, at a time when the country is attempting to move towards peace talks to end 18 years of war.

Afghan artists paint mural on blast wall in tribute to George Floyd

Jun 11 2020

KABUL A group of artists climbed ladders up one of the many blast walls snaking through the Afghan capital Kabul this week to paint a mural of George Floyd in solidarity with the anti-racism protests kindled by his death in police custody. | Video

'May Allah remove the virus': Pandemic a grim addition to Afghanistan's woes

May 15 2020

KABUL/ISLAMABAD Delkhah Sultani scrubs laundry outside her home in Kabul as her young daughter watches on. She says she once got paid around $3 a day to wash clothes for other households but since the coronavirus outbreak hit, work has dropped and she now earns $1 every few days to support her and her four children.

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