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Hamid Shalizi

Afghan VP candidate injured as Kabul blast kills two, wounds 25

Jul 28 2019

KABUL A powerful explosion hit central Kabul on Sunday, wounding Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's running mate on the first day of official campaigning for a presidential election and killing at least two others, officials said.

Afghan president launches re-election bid amid worsening security

Jul 28 2019

KABUL Afghan President Ashraf Ghani launched his re-election campaign on Sunday, promising to start peace talks with the Taliban after decades of war and to transform his nation into a trade hub.

Afghan police pull back from isolated outposts as losses mount

Jul 24 2019

KABUL Afghanistan's badly stretched police are taking heavy casualties as attempts build to set up peace talks with Taliban militants, prompting a move to pull back from vulnerable outposts across the country.

Kabul seeks clarification on Trump talk of wiping out Afghanistan

Jul 23 2019

KABUL Afghanistan called on Tuesday for an explanation of comments by U.S. President Donald Trump in which he said he could win the Afghan war in just 10 days by wiping out the country, but did not want "to kill 10 million people."

Six killed, 105 wounded in Taliban attack in Kabul

Jul 01 2019

KABUL Taliban Islamist fighters killed six people and wounded 105 others by blowing up a truck bomb at morning rush hour near an Afghan Defence Ministry compound in Kabul on Monday. | Video

New commander takes on corruption "mess" in Afghan police

Jun 04 2019

KABUL Afghanistan's new police chief Khoshal Sadat has one of the hardest jobs in the country - rooting out abuses and bringing new energy to a force that for years has been used as a cash machine by corrupt politicians. | Video

Afghanistan feels impact of Iran's economic isolation

Apr 25 2019

GENEVA/KABUL Abdul Saboor escaped poverty and instability in Afghanistan three years ago with his wife and three children and found work in neighboring Iran. Now he has returned home, despite the fact that life there has not improved.

Swapping Kalashnikovs for bat and pads: Afghan cricket, the Taliban and peace

Apr 01 2019

JALALABAD, Afghanistan During a lull in Afghanistan's never-ending war, before the fighting season resumes once again in the spring, Taliban fighters recall laying down their Kalashnikovs and, for a brief moment, enjoying a game of cricket.

'Fight and talk': Afghan war escalates alongside peace push

Apr 01 2019

KABUL Fighting in Afghanistan has escalated ahead of the usual spring season, as both sides seek to increase leverage in talks on a peace settlement - a gamble that analysts warn could also risk hardening positions.

In U.S. pursuit of peace talks, perilous rift opens with Afghan leader

Mar 27 2019

WASHINGTON/KABUL Washington's relationship with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani appears increasingly at risk of permanent damage, the consequence of a U.S. policy shift that has so far excluded his government from talks with the Taliban and of his own determination to retain power and manage peace efforts himself.

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