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Hamid Shalizi

Long queues as Afghan voters defy election day attacks, delays

Oct 20 2018

KABUL Afghans braved chaotic delays outside polling stations and the threat of militant attacks to vote in parliamentary elections on Saturday that were seen as a major test of the Western-backed government's credibility. | Video

Afghanistan delays vote in strategic Kandahar after killing of commander

Oct 19 2018

KABUL Saturday's parliamentary election in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar will be delayed by a week after the assassination of one of the country's most powerful security chiefs dealt a stunning blow to the Western-backed government. | Video

Top Afghan police chief killed in shooting, U.S. general unhurt

Oct 18 2018

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan General Abdul Razeq, one of Afghanistan's most powerful security commanders, was killed on Thursday in a shooting attack by a bodyguard that dealt a severe blow to the Afghan government ahead of parliamentary elections on Saturday, officials said. | Video

Football, funfairs and fortunes: In Afghan election, money talks

Oct 18 2018

KABUL Javid Jaihoon, who started life selling water on the streets of Kabul, is one of a clutch of Afghan businessmen whose multimillion dollar fortunes, built in the boom years after the fall of the Taliban, are now fuelling a run for parliament.

Rebel Afghan militia leader defies government as arrest bid fails

Oct 11 2018

KABUL A standoff over a militia commander in central Afghanistan who has defied attempts to arrest him has highlighted tensions over President Ashraf Ghani's crackdown on local strongmen operating outside central government control.

Afghanistan's national security adviser resigns in break with president

Aug 25 2018

KABUL Afghanistan's national security adviser, one of the most influential aides to President Ashraf Ghani, resigned on Saturday, a move one official said could be followed by his own bid for the top job in next year's scheduled election.

Afghan forces say regaining control of much of besieged city

Aug 14 2018

KABUL Afghan troops backed by U.S forces gained control of most of the embattled city of Ghazni on Tuesday, officials said, while a Taliban attack in another province raised new questions about Afghanistan's defenses against the insurgency.

Afghanistan forces beef up defense of flashpoint city

Aug 14 2018

KABUL Afghan security forces backed by U.S. advisers and air strikes fought on Monday to drive Taliban fighters out of the flashpoint city of Ghazni, where hundreds of people have been killed or wounded during four days of fighting. | Video

Taliban rejects pleas by Afghan elders for a ceasefire extension

Jun 25 2018

KABUL The Taliban on Monday rejected pleas by Afghan elders and activists for an extension of this month's ceasefire and said they amounted to a call for surrender to foreign forces, as local groups continued to push for an end to fighting.

Afghanistan announces Eid ceasefire with Taliban until June 20

Jun 07 2018

KABUL Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday announced for the first time an unconditional ceasefire with the Taliban, coinciding with the end of the Muslim fasting month, but excluding other militant groups, such as Islamic State. | Video

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