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Hannah McNeish

Kenya issues smart ID cards to protect fishing and forests

Oct 28 2019

LAMU, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Fishing communities on Kenya's north coast will be the first to benefit from "smart" identity cards aimed at distinguishing genuine fishermen and loggers from poachers who raid waters and cut down mangroves vital to ease climate change threats.

Seawalls and forests aim to save the living - and dead - in Tanzania

Dec 07 2018

KISIWA PANZA, Tanzania (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - First, the encroaching sea started eating away at homes and killing crops on the small island of Kisiwa Panza. Then the rising tides began bringing up the dead.

FEATURE-Cricket-farming hops ahead as Kenyans catch superfood bug

Sep 27 2018

KISUMU, Kenya, Sept 27 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It used to be that two sorts of people in this part of western Kenya ate crickets: the hungry, and singers who believed consuming the chirping insects would improve their voice.

'Disaster for the whole earth' ahead without climate action: Sudan

Mar 09 2017

KHARTOUM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As a boy growing up in 1950s Sudan, Ismail El Ghizouli would listen to his grandfather talk about Khartoum having sent surplus food to rebuild post-war Europe and to Saudi Arabia, before the oil.

Songs and sanctions help regreen Sudan's desert villages

Dec 23 2016

ALBAIDA, Sudan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The women of Sudan's North Kordofan state used to be famed for their war songs urging men to defend their meager desert assets of cattle, bush and watering holes.

Stigma 'killing' South Africans living with HIV

Aug 17 2016

DURBAN, South Africa (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tania has to shout to be heard over music blasting out of a brothel in downtown Durban, South Africa, where dozens of sex workers slouch in chairs under the red glow of the bar or lean against walls as they wait for clients.

Mozambique myth-busting helpline tries to tackle HIV/AIDS

Jul 25 2016

XAI XAI, Mozambique (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In Mozambique's Gaza province, if someone makes it to their 35th birthday, "you rejoice", said Shady Zita, an English teacher in a rural secondary school.

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