Hannibal Hanschke

Party on pause: Lockdown darkens Berlin's bar scene

Dec 16 2020

BERLIN Laughter and glasses chinking, bright lights and warm colours shining through steamed up windows are staples of winter life for Berliners, used to relying on the party city's many bars to get them through the long, cold evenings.

German synagogue gunman aimed to commit massacre, prosecutor says

Oct 10 2019

HALLE, Germany A gunman suspected of attacking a German synagogue and killing two people nearby wanted to commit a massacre and hoped to incite others to copy him by live-streaming his deadly rampage, Germany's federal prosecutor said on Thursday. | Video

In Berlin, the party goes on despite threat of club closures

Sep 19 2016

BERLIN From swing, salsa and sex to tango, transvestites and techno, Berlin's nightlife offers something for everyone.

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