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Dollar's strength to be short-lived; volatility and weakness ahead - Reuters poll

Oct 06 2020

BENGALURU The recent surge in the U.S. dollar will last less than three months, according to a majority of foreign exchange strategists polled by Reuters who said the greenback would have a roller coaster ride in the run-up to the U.S. presidential election.

Global funds hold even more bonds in a world fraught with risk: Reuters poll

Sep 30 2020

BENGALURU Global funds recommended cutting equity allocations to the lowest since early 2010 and increasing bond holdings to their highest since then, according to a September Reuters poll which found a correction in world stocks before year-end was likely.

U.S. housing market to remain a bright spot in a weak economy: Reuters poll

Sep 29 2020

BENGALURU U.S. house prices will continue to surge well into next year and beyond, outpacing inflation and the overall economy, a Reuters poll of property analysts found, making it a bright spot against an otherwise gloomy economic backdrop.

U.S. dollar headed lower, in retreat against the euro - Reuters poll

Aug 05 2020

BENGALURU The dollar's supremacy of well over two years has turned sharply and the current downward trend will continue into next year on expectations the U.S. economic recovery is flagging, especially compared to Europe, buttressing the euro, a Reuters poll showed.

Central banks' heavy hand to keep sovereign bond yields low: Reuters poll

Jun 29 2020

BENGALURU Major sovereign bond yields, which have been low for years, are expected to be close to current levels for the next 12 months, as the global economy struggles to recover from the impact of COVID-19, a Reuters poll found.

U.S. housing set to ride out the pandemic's economic storm: Reuters poll

Jun 21 2020

BENGALURU U.S. home prices will defy the current economic downturn and ride out the storm, supported by record low mortgage rates and limited supply, according to a Reuters poll that showed housing outpacing consumer price rises this year and next.

U.S. dollar set to keep shining through coronavirus pandemic: Reuters poll

May 07 2020

BENGALURU The U.S. dollar will continue to dominate currency markets for at least another three months as investors prefer the safety of the greenback in a world fraught with risks emanating from the coronavirus crisis, a Reuters poll showed.

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