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Cancer deaths rise to 9.6 million as populations grow and age

Sep 13 2018

LONDON Cancer will claim the lives of 9.6 million people in 2018, accounting for one in eight of all deaths among men and one in 11 among women, the World Health Organization's cancer research agency said on Wednesday.

UN says global fight against AIDS is at "precarious point"

Jul 18 2018

LONDON, July 18 Complacency is starting to stall the fight against the global AIDS epidemic, with the pace of progress not matching what is needed, the United Nations warned on Wednesday.

UK ethics body says gene-edited babies may be 'morally permissible'

Jul 16 2018

LONDON The use of gene editing technologies to alter the DNA of human embryos could be morally permissible as long as the science and its impact on society is carefully considered, a British ethics panel said on Tuesday.

Analysis - In Congo outbreak, Ebola vaccine faces reality tests

May 18 2018

LONDON, May 18 An experimental Ebola vaccine to be deployed in an outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo has conquered some major scientific hurdles in giving high protection, but it now faces extreme real-world tests including heat, humidity, language barriers and lack of roads.

INTERVIEW-Gates backs gene technologies in fight to end malaria

Apr 18 2018

LONDON, April 18 Gene-editing technologies that alter mosquitoes' DNA could prove critical in the fight against malaria, Bill Gates said on Wednesday, and ethical concerns should not block progress in such gene-modifying research.

Global leaders seek to reignite fight against deadly malaria

Apr 17 2018

LONDON, April 18 Renewed action and boosted funding to fight malaria could prevent 350 million cases of the disease in the next five years and save 650,000 lives across commonwealth countries, health experts said on Wednesday.

Deadly listeria could herald tighter food safety rules in South Africa

Mar 16 2018

LONDON, March 16 A huge and deadly outbreak of listeria in South Africa could alter the country's approach to food-borne disease and prompt improvements in food safety standards, a leading health official said on Friday.

Scientists grow human eggs to full maturity in a lab

Feb 08 2018

LONDON, Feb 9 Scientists have succeeded for the first time in growing human eggs in a laboratory from the earliest stages in ovarian tissue all the way to full maturity - a scientific step that had previously been taken in mice.

Health campaigners decry global HIV fund's deal with Heineken

Feb 01 2018

LONDON, Feb 1 International health campaigners and alcohol concern groups called on a major global HIV and malaria fund on Thursday to end immediately a partnership it had signed with the Dutch brewer Heineken.

Cancer drug prompts 'drastic' HIV decrease in lung cancer patient

Dec 01 2017

LONDON, Dec 1 Doctors in France have found the first evidence that a drug normally used to treat lung, kidney or skin cancer may be able to eradicate HIV-infected cells in people with the AIDS virus.

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