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Heba Kanso

Social media users flip #10yearchallenge to spotlight war, climate change

11:43am EST

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The #10YearChallenge - posting a new photo of yourself next to an old one - is being repurposed by social media users to highlight more serious issues than ageing faces, from climate change to the devastation of war.

Lebanese lawmaker fights ‘degrading’ citizenship law against women

Jan 16 2019

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nine months after being voted into the 128-seat Lebanese parliament as one of six female lawmakers, Paula Yacoubian is urging fellow legislators to help change discriminatory laws that are an "injustice" against women.

Is Saudi Arabia on the road to ending child marriage?

Jan 10 2019

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Saudi Arabia is trying to ban child marriage through new regulations, but loopholes are leaving young girls in the deeply conservative kingdom unprotected, campaigners said on Thursday.

Factbox - The power of protest, Saudi-style: From teen asylum seeker to skirts and wheels

Jan 09 2019

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The firestorm started by an 18-year-old Saudi Arabian woman seeking asylum in Thailand has shown the power of online protest - a tactic long championed by women in the conservative kingdom.

Saudi teen asylum seeker spotlights 'strangling' male guardianship

Jan 08 2019

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - World headlines about an 18-year-old Saudi Arabian woman seeking asylum in Thailand have thrown the spotlight on the conservative kingdom's guardianship system where male relatives take charge of key decisions in a woman's life.

Saudi women to be told of divorce by text message under new law

Jan 06 2019

LONDON/BEIRUT, Jan 6 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Women in Saudi Arabia will be notified by text message if they are divorced under a new law designed to protect them from having their marriage ended without their knowledge, the government said on Sunday.

British MPs, lawyers trying to visit detained Saudi Women's rights activists

Jan 02 2019

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A group of British parliamentarians and lawyers urgently want to investigate allegations of torture, sexual harassment and threats of rape of detained female human rights defenders in Saudi Arabia, they said in a letter to the kingdom on Wednesday.

Saudi women step on face veils in social media protest

Dec 28 2018

BEIRUT, Dec 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Saudi women are stepping on the face veils some are made to wear in the conservative kingdom and posting it on social media with the hashtag "the niqab under my foot".

Struggling to survive, Syrian refugees in Lebanon fall deeper into debt

Dec 27 2018

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Syrian refugees in Lebanon are falling deeper into debt, with 2018 being the worst year yet, as more families marry off children to cope financially, according to a report by the United Nations released on Wednesday.

Why are women in Saudi Arabia wearing their abayas inside out?

Nov 16 2018

BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Saudi campaigners have urged Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to loosen the conservative kingdom's strict dress code after women took to social media wearing their abayas inside out in protest.

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