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Exclusive: Colombian armed groups recruiting desperate Venezuelans, army says

Jun 20 2019

ARAUCA/CUCUTA, Colombia Venezuela's crisis is spilling across the border into Colombia as Marxist rebels and right-wing paramilitaries recruit migrants to strengthen their ranks, according to five Colombian military commanders. 

Exclusive: Thousands of Colombian FARC rebels return to arms despite peace accord - military intelligence report

Jun 05 2019

BOGOTA Roughly a third of the fighters in Colombia's former FARC rebel army have taken up arms again following a 2016 peace accord, posing a growing security risk in the Andean nation, according to a confidential military intelligence report reviewed by Reuters.

From Colombia, Venezuelan defectors arm themselves to 'liberate' their homeland

May 28 2019

CUCUTA, Colombia Wearing camouflage shirts and combat boots, a Venezuelan militia group stands in formation in the Colombian city of Cucuta as their commander, a former Venezuelan army sergeant, outlines plans to seize towns across the border before heading to Caracas to help oust President Nicolas Maduro.

Colombian Duque's bid to change peace deal rattles sabers, but war unlikely

Mar 17 2019

BOGOTA President Ivan Duque's call for changes to key peace legislation has prompted former rebels to warn he has put Colombia on the path to war, but with his government on a weak footing in Congress, major revisions that could reignite conflict seem unlikely.

Colombian Duque's Venezuela stance avoids him lame duck status, for now

Feb 26 2019

BOGOTA Colombian President Ivan Duque's tough stance on the crisis in neighboring Venezuela has helped boost his ratings from record lows, but sustaining his popularity and pushing through key legislation may prove elusive.

Colombia's ELN rebels say deadly car bomb was legitimate act of war

Jan 21 2019

BOGOTA Colombia's ELN rebel group on Monday claimed responsibility for last week's car bomb attack against a police academy that killed 21 as a legitimate act of war and urged President Ivan Duque to return to the negotiating table.

Colombia asks Cuba to capture ELN leaders after attack on police academy

Jan 18 2019

BOGOTA Colombia's ELN rebel group was responsible for the car bomb attack against a police academy that killed at least 21 and injured dozens, President Ivan Duque said on Friday, making it almost impossible peace talks with the insurgent group can soon restart.

Colombian FARC dissident Guacho, who shot dead three Ecuadoreans, killed

Dec 21 2018

BOGOTA Colombian armed forces killed Marxist insurgent commander Walter Patricio Arizala in an operation aimed at ending his attacks on civilians after he kidnapped and shot dead three Ecuadorean media workers earlier this year, President Ivan Duque said on Friday.

UPDATE 1-Colombia's central bank likely to hold rate as it eyes external markets

Dec 21 2018

BOGOTA, Dec 21 Colombia's central bank will likely hold its benchmark interest rate stable on Friday to give a final boost to the economy before it begins raising the rate next year to contain inflation and align with international monetary policy trends.

Colombian ex President Betancur, who sought peace with rebels, dies

Dec 07 2018

BOGOTA Former Colombian President Belisario Betancur, who attempted to broker peace with leftist rebels during his administration, died on Friday at the age of 95, the Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota hospital said.

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As media and people in the United Arab Emirates hailed the Gulf state's deal to normalise relations with Israel as a diplomatic victory that helps the Palestinians, silence reigned in Saudi Arabia, longtime figurehead of regional policy towards Israel.