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Hellen Toby

South Sudan court rules against marriage of girl, 16, in landmark case

Jul 09 2019

JUBA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A court in South Sudan has annulled a child marriage, in a rare legal case that activists say could signal a turning point for women's rights in the conservative country.

Amid upheaval in South Sudan, the country's teak forests fall

Feb 13 2019

KATIRE, South Sudan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sprawling teak forests, planted nearly a century ago to supply lumber and government income, are fast disappearing in South Sudan as timber companies take advantage of the country's chaos to extract large amounts of wood, environmentalists say.

Forecasting trouble: How South Sudan's weather service is failing farmers

Dec 02 2018

JUBA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In Shirkat cattle camp on the outskirts of Juba, farmers say South Sudan's increasingly unpredictable weather has turned their lives into a series of dilemmas.

Facebook auction of South Sudan child bride could inspire other families: activists

Nov 13 2018

JUBA/NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The auction of a South Sudanese girl for marriage on Facebook could spur other families to use social media to demand bigger dowries for their daughters, activists said, urging authorities and the social networking giant to take much tougher action.

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