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Imad Creidi

Lebanese brave badly polluted water to swim at public beaches

Jul 17 2019

BEIRUT On a beach in northern Lebanon, men and women swim in the Mediterranean's warm blue waters close to a sewage outlet, while children play in sand that is strewn with litter.

As waters warm, lionfish invasion strains Lebanon's seas

Jul 14 2019

SARAFAND, Lebanon Lebanese fisherman Hassan Younes has been diving the same waters off his coastal hometown for three decades but has never seen anything like this year as native species disappear and invasive lionfish take their place. | Video

Butterflies swarm Lebanon's meadows in numbers unseen for 100 years

Apr 17 2019

ZAAROUR, Lebanon A vast number of migrating butterflies have swarmed across Lebanon this year after heavy winter rain in the Middle East led to an exceptional spring for wild flowers.

Tale of Palestinian food truck draws Hollywood star to Beirut

Mar 11 2019

BEIRUT Entrepreneur Mariam Shaar's idea of using Palestinians' national cuisine to provide hope and opportunity for refugee women has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.

Play depicts Lebanon as building at risk of collapse

Nov 29 2018

BEIRUT The squabbling residents of a dilapidated building at risk of collapse serve as an allegory for Lebanon's political and religious divisions in a new drama by satirical playwright Georges Khabbaz.

Syrians trickle home from Lebanon, but most stay put

Jun 28 2018

ARSAL, Lebanon Several hundred refugees returned to Syria from Lebanon on Thursday while hundreds more waited to hear whether their applications to go home would be approved by Syrian authorities.

Still battling for independence, Lebanon to mark national day

Nov 21 2017

BEIRUT Lebanon marks its independence on Wednesday with its sovereignty as compromised as ever by the agendas of foreign states that have shaped its history since the French mandate ended in 1943.

In demanding Hariri's return, Lebanese find rare unity

Nov 12 2017

BEIRUT A country long divided by sectarian conflicts, Lebanon has found a rare point of unity since Saad al-Hariri's shock resignation as prime minister: Lebanese of all stripes want him to come back from Saudi Arabia and to continue his work as premier. | Video

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