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Ines Kagubare

Factbox - EU states want Brexit process soon, defend free movement

Jul 18 2016

BRUSSELS European Union states are broadly united in calling for Britain to quickly launch formal negotiations on leaving, and in rejecting new limits on migration within the bloc, a survey by Reuters has found.

Brussels revelers dress up to remember Renaissance emperor

Jul 08 2016

BRUSSELS Thousands of revelers wearing medieval helmets, feathers and striped pantaloons paraded through Brussels on Thursday, in a tradition stretching back over half a millennium.

British expats flock to Brussels city halls to become Belgian

Jun 29 2016

BRUSSELS Belgium is receiving hundreds of requests from British nationals keen to get Belgian citizenship following the decision of British voters in last Thursday's referendum to back leaving the European Union, officials said.

Man found wearing fake bomb belt causes security scare in jittery Brussels

Jun 21 2016

BRUSSELS A man who said he was wearing a bomb belt rigged to explode by remote control caused a major scare in a Brussels commercial district on Tuesday before police found the device contained only salt and biscuits, officials said.

'Little pink sausage': Rare giant panda born in Belgium

Jun 02 2016

BRUGELETTE, Belgium A baby giant panda was born in a Belgian zoo on Thursday, a rare event for an endangered species that numbers barely 2,000 worldwide.

Employers can forbid headscarf if general ban in place - EU court adviser

May 31 2016

BRUSSELS Companies should be allowed to prohibit staff from wearing the Islamic headscarf but only as part of a general ban on religious and political symbols, an adviser to the European Court of Justice said on Tuesday.

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