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Inna Lazareva

Cameroon gaming stars train new generation of business superheroes

Aug 21 2018

YAOUNDE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Off a dusty path in the capital city, flanked by chickens roosting in the grass, one of Cameroon's most successful digital startups is capitalizing on its success to foster a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Film shows art of survival in Central Africa airport's 'tent city'

Aug 06 2018

YAOUNDE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tens of thousands of people who fled murderous gangs and set up their own "tent city" inside Central African Republic's main airport are the unlikely stars of an award-winning new film.

From robots to girl power, getting Cameroon's women into work

Jul 29 2018

YAOUNDE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With a flash of green light, a robot sputters and whizzes across the room, obeying the remote control commands 15-year-old Xaviera Nguefo and her team send its way.

Bodies buried, Congo turns to next Ebola outbreak

Jul 25 2018

YAOUNDE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Democratic Republic of Congo may have declared an end to its ninth outbreak of the lethal Ebola virus since 1976, but health experts are already plotting ways to beat the next flare-up.

FEATURE-Meet the virtual vigilantes who bust human traffickers from their laptops

Jun 19 2018

LONDON, June 20 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When not detecting intelligence threats to oil rigs and dams, Sergio Caltagirone spends his spare time hunting a different kind of predator - traffickers trading in human beings, from war-torn Syria to sleepy U.S. suburbs.

Bored of Facebook news? You're not alone - study

Jun 13 2018

LONDON, June 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Many people are switching from Facebook to closed forums like WhatsApp to discuss daily news because of worries about privacy, fake stories and toxic debates, a survey said on Thursday.

South Sudan's Sosywood: Coming soon to a screen near you?

Jun 06 2018

JUBA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - At the entrance to a wooden shack in a quiet neighborhood of South Sudan's capital, Juba, a young man in ripped jeans and sunglasses stands gripping a golden pistol, his finger hovering over the trigger.

Armed with poetry and rap, South Sudan's young artists battle for peace

Jun 05 2018

JUBA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A group of artists and musicians in South Sudan is on a mission - to mobilize young people across the country through music, graffiti and poetry to help bring peace to the war-torn nation.

Lack of hope in South Sudan camps drives youth into gang crime

Jun 04 2018

POC3 CAMP, Juba (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Having twice escaped the clutches of South Sudanese rebels who forced him to fight with them, Puok Barar, a grinning 16-year-old in rubber flip-flops decorated with the word "LOVE", has already confronted many of his worst fears.

'We don't need men': Widows and rebel wives rebuild war-scarred Uganda

May 14 2018

PAICHO, Uganda (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - At the entrance to a round mud and elephant-grass hut in rural northern Uganda, Rose Lamwaka, 58, pauses and looks up at the ceiling of her new dwelling as if she cannot quite believe it is really there.

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