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Afghan Shi'ite militia battles Taliban, raising sectarian fears

Nov 03 2018

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan A week of fighting between Taliban militants and fighters loyal to a commander from the mainly Shi'ite Hazara minority has heightened fears of a dangerous new phase of sectarian violence in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan's Kandahar province votes a week late after police chief killed

Oct 27 2018

KABUL Afghanistan held parliamentary elections in the southern province of Kandahar on Saturday, a week late because of the assassination of the provincial police chief by Taliban insurgents.

Top Afghan police chief killed in shooting, U.S. general unhurt

Oct 18 2018

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan General Abdul Razeq, one of Afghanistan's most powerful security commanders, was killed on Thursday in a shooting attack by a bodyguard that dealt a severe blow to the Afghan government ahead of parliamentary elections on Saturday, officials said. | Video

U.S. ready for direct talks with Afghan Taliban, general says

Jul 16 2018

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan The United States is ready to join direct negotiations with the Taliban in an effort to end the 17 year-long war in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson, the top U.S. commander, said on Monday, amid growing speculation about possible peace talks.

Afghan farmers stick to growing opium in the face of less lucrative options

Apr 30 2018

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan Afghan farmers are busy in their poppy fields as the annual opium harvest begins, underscoring the government's failure to stamp out a crop that yields much of the world's supply of heroin. | Video

Female police officers help security on Afghan front line

Mar 08 2018

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan Shokria Jan, a female police officer in southern Afghanistan, is in a small force of women operating in one of the world's most conservative societies and difficult security environments. | Video

Violence, corruption threaten Afghan progress in getting kids to school

Mar 23 2017

KABUL/KANDAHAR, Afghanistan Afghanistan's progress in educating its children is under threat, as growing insecurity and corruption shut more schools and reduced international funding undermines a system struggling to cope.

Large Afghan pomegranate crop threatened by lack of markets: farmers

Oct 19 2016

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan Farmers in Afghanistan's fertile south harvested a bumper crop of deep red pomegranates this year, but they say barriers to international trade in the landlocked country means much of their fruit may go to waste or be sold too cheaply.

Families in the fields as annual Afghan poppy harvest begins

Apr 15 2016

ZHARI, Afghanistan In Zhari, a parched district northwest of Afghanistan's second city of Kandahar, 13 year-old Naqibullah is working in his father's poppy field, preparing for the main harvest of the year. | Video

Dozens killed, wounded in Taliban attack on Afghan airport

Dec 09 2015

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan Dozens of people were killed in fighting at the airport in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar after an overnight attack by Taliban insurgents while a key district in neighboring Helmand province fell to the insurgents, officials said on Wednesday. | Video

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