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Issam Abdallah

Beirut's nightlife on the brink as pandemic compounds financial crisis

Jun 15 2020

BEIRUT Beirut loves to party, even when the going gets tough. Which is often. The city and its nightlife has weathered wars, bombing campaigns and assassinations, and prides itself on always bouncing back.

Hundreds of Lebanese join anti-government protests as lockdown eased

Jun 06 2020

BEIRUT Hundreds of Lebanese protesters took to the streets on Saturday to voice outrage over the government's handling of a deep economic crisis, with security forces firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse rock-throwing demonstrators.

For Lebanese families made poor by crisis, dinner means bread and no meat

May 28 2020

BEIRUT At a street market in southern Beirut, Lebanese crowd around volunteers handing out free rations of bread and pasta, staples that have become a lifeline to families whose living standards have plunged during a financial crisis.

Coronavirus compounds Lebanon's woes, many struggle for food

Apr 02 2020

BEIRUT Battered by Lebanon's economic crisis, Hassan Zeitar was already struggling to keep his family fed when the coronavirus lockdown stripped him of the little money he made as a minibus driver.

Crisis drives Lebanese abroad in search of better future

Feb 19 2020

BEIRUT Sick of Lebanon's political instability, Habib Rahhal had been mulling leaving since 2018 to seek a better future. But the final straw came in November when he was unable to get money out of the bank because of a national financial crisis.

Widowed, imprisoned, detained: remnants of Islamic State in limbo in Syria

Feb 12 2020

QAMISHLI, Syria In northeastern Syria, prisons and detention camps hold thousands of men, women and children whose lives are in limbo nearly a year after the final defeat of Islamic State to which they once belonged.

Ghosn says he escaped 'injustice' in Japan; Lebanon calls arrival a private matter

Dec 31 2019

BEIRUT/TOKYO Ousted Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn said on Tuesday he had fled to Lebanon to escape a "rigged" justice system in Japan, raising questions about how one of the world's most-recognized executives had slipped away while on bail. | Video

Security forces fire tear gas, dozens wounded in Beirut protest

Dec 14 2019

BEIRUT Security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets at Lebanese protesters in central Beirut on Saturday in clashes that went on into the night and wounded dozens of people.

Islamic State deploys car bombs in defense of last enclave

Mar 03 2019

BAGHOUZ, Syria Islamic State unleashed car bombs against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) assaulting Baghouz, in a last-ditch effort to stave off defeat in its final patch of territory, fighters from the U.S.-backed force said on Sunday. | Video

Customs duties, competition hit Lebanese hopes for quick boost from open Syria border

Nov 04 2018

MASNAA, Lebanon Lebanese exporters hoping to send their goods to the lucrative Gulf market through the reopened Syrian-Jordanian border are grappling with higher Syrian customs duties and competition from producers who have taken their place.

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