Issam Abdallah

The music stops at Beirut's fabled nightclubs

Jun 08 2021

BEIRUT At some of Beirut's most popular nightclubs, where the Middle East's jet set would gather and dance into the early hours, the music has stopped and disco balls are gathering dust above abandoned dance floors and gutted buildings. | Video

Syrian refugees face Ramadan penury amid Lebanon's economic ruin

Apr 26 2021

BAR ELIAS, Lebanon Hussein al-Khaled and his family have lived in a makeshift hut in Lebanon for a decade since fleeing the war in neighbouring Syria, but this year COVID and economic collapse are making it even harder to spend Ramadan away from home.

War was easier than this, says Lebanese entrepreneur hit by economic collapse

Apr 21 2021

BEIRUT Suzanne Mouawad lived through Lebanon's civil war and built a successful advertising business in the hopeful days after the fighting ended, but she says her country's economic collapse is breaking her in a way that even missiles did not.

Humble fattoush salad shows cost of Lebanon's crisis at Ramadan

Apr 15 2021

BEIRUT After a year of economic meltdown in Lebanon, Hala Sheikh is sticking to a modest menu as she prepares the evening meal for her family to break their daily Ramadan fast. | Video

Lebanon could sink like Titanic, parliament speaker says

Mar 29 2021

BEIRUT Lebanon will sink like the Titanic if it fails to form a government, the speaker of parliament said on Monday as he opened a session to approve emergency funds to literally keep the lights on for two more months.

One man's mission offers Beirut neighbourhood a vision of hope after blast

Mar 25 2021

BEIRUT (Reuters) -The sheer scale of the destruction in Beirut's Karantina district after the massive explosion at the port last August made rebuilding a daunting feat. That was where Marc Torbey El Helou, a charity worker, came in. | Video

Tripoli, Lebanon's poorest city, on edge after curfew, protests

Feb 03 2021

TRIPOLI, Lebanon Lebanon's poorest city, Tripoli, was again racked by violent protests last week, and some politicians and experts warn that unrest could spread if more is not done to support people facing deepening poverty amid coronavirus restrictions.

A mysterious village murder raises questions in Lebanon

Dec 22 2020

KAHALEH, Lebanon When Joe Bejjany was shot with a silencer as he got ready to take his two daughters to pre-school, it shocked not only his mountain village but a country already on edge.

'Glimmer of hope': Beirut seeks Christmas cheer after devastating year

Dec 22 2020

BEIRUT Near the wreckage of Beirut's port, a charity is bringing Christmas cheer to a city hammered by a devastating explosion, rising coronavirus infections and the worst economic crisis since Lebanon's 1975-1990 civil war.

Lebanon to get first batch of COVID-19 vaccines in two months, minister says

Dec 16 2020

BEIRUT Lebanon is expected to sign a deal this week for supplies of Pfizer-BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine and is set to receive the first batch eight weeks after that, the caretaker health minister said.

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