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Macedonia's bid to join EU, NATO in limbo after vote, early poll possible

Oct 01 2018

SKOPJE Macedonia's hopes of joining the European Union and NATO were in limbo on Monday, a day after voters backed a plan to change the country's name by a large margin but failed to hit the 50 percent turnout required for the referendum result to be valid.

Macedonia leader vows to press on with name change despite referendum failure

Oct 01 2018

SKOPJE Macedonia's prime minister pledged on Sunday to press on with a vote in parliament to change the country's name to resolve a decades-old dispute with Greece, despite failing to secure the 50 percent turnout at a referendum required to make it valid. | Video

New owner of VTB's Serbian bank to keep it separate from sanctioned Agrosoyuz

Sep 24 2018

MOSCOW/BELGRADE, Sept 24 Andrey Shlyakhovoy, who bought Russian state-controlled bank VTB's Serbian business in July, has no plans to merge it with his Agrosoyuz bank, which is subject to U.S. sanctions, a representative for the Russian businessman said.

Kosovo, Serbia consider a land swap, an idea that divides the Balkans

Sep 06 2018

BUJANOVAC, Serbia Shaip Kamberi, the mayor of Serbia's municipality of Bujanovac, will start living a long-time dream if Serbia reaches an agreement to swap some of its territory with neighboring Kosovo.

Macedonia expects invitation to join NATO after decade of waiting

Jul 10 2018

SKOPJE Macedonia is formally expected this week to be invited by NATO to join the alliance - though it will become a member only if it adopts a new name that has been agreed in principle with NATO- member Greece but has yet to be endorsed by Macedonia's people.

Spurned by EU investors, Balkans looks to eager Turkey

May 18 2018

KRUPANJ, Serbia Ivan Isailovic, mayor of the small Serbian town of Krupanj, is off next week to seek investors not in Munich or Paris, but in Istanbul - a sign of Turkey's growing influence across the western Balkans that worries some EU states.

EU woos Western Balkans but is coy on membership

May 17 2018

SOFIA The European Union offered six Western Balkan countries closer ties on Thursday but said they could count on no fast-track to membership - as much because of their regional problems, as well as due to the bloc's own fatigue.

Greece and Macedonia inch closer to name accord, but not quite there yet

May 17 2018

SOFIA Greece and Macedonia said on Thursday they had made progress in talks to settle a decades-old name dispute, though Athens cautioned it was early to talk of a deal.

EU leaders to woo west Balkan states but road to membership bumpy

May 17 2018

SOFIA When EU leaders pose for a "family picture" with counterparts from six western Balkan nations hoping to join the bloc, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will stay away in protest - highlighting how long and hard their road to membership is likely to be.

Kosovo Serbs quit ruling coalition over detention of Serbia official

Mar 27 2018

PRISTINA/BELGRADE The party representing Kosovo's Serb minority withdrew from the government coalition on Tuesday in protest at what it called "attacks on the people and representatives of Serbia" by the authorities in the ethnic Albanian majority country.

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