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FEATURE-In COVID-19's shadow, migrants find solace in Ramadan prayers and online iftars

Apr 15 2021

TORONTO/KUALA LUMPUR, April 15 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - W hen Sharbano pictures the Islamic holy month of Ramadan back home in Oman, she remembers precious time with her large family, children running between houses, and neighbours delivering the iftar evening meal to each other and to the mosque.

Biden urged to revamp capitalism to tackle racial inequality and climate

Apr 07 2021

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - About 50 U.S. investor, business and civil society groups called on the Biden administration on Wednesday to reform business and finance rules to combat rising inequality and climate change.

Analysis: As U.S. cities embrace tech, cyberattacks pose real-world risks

Apr 07 2021

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The word "cyberattack" usually brings to mind hackers breaking into a company or government agency, wreaking havoc and stealing valuable data.

Canada's move away from fossil fuels threatens 450,000 jobs

Apr 06 2021

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Three-quarters of Canada's oil and gas sector workers - 450,000 people - could lose their jobs by 2050, economists said on Tuesday, urging action to ensure they find other types of work.

Celebrities defend trans rights, rejecting wave of U.S. laws

Mar 31 2021

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hundreds of celebrities joined advocacy groups in an open letter on Wednesday in support of transgender rights, criticizing a raft of U.S. states that want to bar young, trans Americans from playing school sports or getting medical help.

Climate change will deepen rich-poor global divide, top economists warn

Mar 30 2021

(Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nearly nine in 10 leading global climate economists think climate change will deepen income inequality between rich and poor countries, with most calling for urgent action to cut planet-warming emissions, a survey showed on Tuesday.

Canada votes to collect data to document 'environmental racism'

Mar 25 2021

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Canada will collect data on the impact on siting a disproportionate number of polluting industries and landfills in areas inhabited by racial minority communities, federal lawmakers voted Wednesday.

Net-zero emissions targets adopted by one-fifth of world's largest companies

Mar 23 2021

(Thomson Reuters Foundation) - One in five of the world's 2,000 largest publicly listed companies have now committed to a "net-zero" emissions target to help tackle climate change, researchers said on Tuesday.

One billion people live in cities shifting away from fossil fuels

Mar 18 2021

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The number of cities working to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy surged in 2020, representing a quarter of the world's urban population, or one billion people, green energy policy network REN21 said on Thursday.

U.S. housing legacy puts some Black neighborhoods at higher flood risk

Mar 15 2021

TORONTO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Homes in U.S. neighborhoods with large Black or minority populations once marked as undesirable for loans are in greater danger of flooding caused by climate change, according to a study released Monday.

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