James Ledbetter

Commentary: Are central banks embracing too much risk?

Jun 27 2018

Central banks are usually thought of as very conservative institutions; if they were cars they would safe, family sedans. Lately, though, some central banks have been doing the market equivalent of zipping around in a sporty convertible. In recent years, at least two large central banks have been snapping up large quantities of equities, typically considered a risky investment.

Column: New York's election suggests the waning of identity politics

Sep 11 2013

To most Americans, the results of New York City's local elections don't matter much and often shouldn't. Yes, there are City Hall occupants who manage to command a national stage, notably incumbent Mike Bloomberg, but in the 2013 race there have been no candidates even approaching his stature (or his wealth). The candidate who received the most votes in Tuesday's primary, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, is unknown outside New York City and until recently not well known inside it.

Is Rick Santorum’s favorite Marxist quote for real?

Dec 13 2011

Which is stranger: the idea that on the campaign trail GOP presidential longshot Rick Santorum cites favorably a quotation from a quasi-Marxist social critic? Or that the quotation itself might be spurious?

Perrier wants to tell you where to go out tonight

Nov 14 2011

It's rare to see a site that blends marketing and editorial like the Web site Société Perrier, which describes itself as "a global source for everything interesting in art, music, fashion, travel, nightlife and cocktail culture."

Wait, now the right hates General Electric?

Oct 13 2011

Sarah Palin has charged that GE has become “the poster child of corporate welfare and crony capitalism.” When Newt Gingrich attacked GE for paying no taxes during the Tea Party-sponsored presidential debate last month, the audience applauded—twice. How did a venerable left-wing target become an apparently convenient right-wing target?

Think Singapore is a “low-tax” haven? Think again

Aug 08 2011

In this recent video, David Cay Johnston examines the notion, often heard from U.S. politicians, that Singapore is a model of low taxation.

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