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Four Hong Kong 'Occupy' leaders jailed for 2014 democracy protests

9:06am EDT

HONG KONG A Hong Kong court jailed four leaders of 2014 pro-democracy protests on Wednesday amid heightened concerns over the decline of freedoms in the China-ruled city nearly five years after activists took to the streets in mass protests. | Video

Hong Kong pro-democracy 'Occupy' activists defiant after guilty verdicts

Apr 09 2019

HONG KONG A Hong Kong court on Tuesday found nine leaders of the 2014 pro-democracy "Occupy" movement guilty of public nuisance during the mass protests, in a landmark verdict as freedoms in the city ruled by mainland China come under strain. | Video

Nine Hong Kong pro-democracy activists found guilty over 2014 protests

Apr 09 2019

HONG KONG A Hong Kong court found leaders of the 2014 "Occupy" civil disobedience movement guilty on Tuesday of public nuisance charges during the mass protests, in a landmark verdict that comes as the China-ruled city's freedoms come under strain.

'No regrets': Saudi sisters hope for bright future after hiding in Hong Kong

Mar 25 2019

HONG KONG Two Saudi Arabian sisters are hoping for a "bright, beautiful future" after being granted asylum, fleeing what they describe as an abusive family and a repressive society. | Video

United States warns China meddling in Hong Kong hurting business confidence

Mar 22 2019

HONG KONG The United States warned in a report on Friday that increased meddling from China in Hong Kong had adversely impacted the city, straining international business confidence in the Asian financial hub.

FEATURE-Activists in Hong Kong and Taiwan feel heat as China fears ‘separatist’ collusion

Mar 17 2019

* China alarmed by collaboration between HK and Taiwan activists

Protesters arrested in Hong Kong over proposed China extradition law

Mar 15 2019

HONG KONG Hong Kong police on Friday arrested five women who staged a protest inside the government's headquarters over a proposal to allow fugitives to be extradited to mainland China, stoking human rights concerns.

Activists in Hong Kong and Taiwan feel heat as China fears 'separatist' collusion

Mar 15 2019

HONG KONG/TAIPEI As Beijing grows wary of pro-independence groups seeking to forge closer ties in Hong Kong and Taiwan, activists say they are coming under increased surveillance and harassment from pro-China media outlets and unofficial "operatives."

Hong Kong allows fleeing Saudi sisters to stay another month: lawyer

Mar 07 2019

HONG KONG Two Saudi sisters fleeing what they described as beatings and repression in their home country have been granted an extension to stay in Hong Kong until next month, their lawyer said.

Hong Kong hands out reliefs as trade war hits growth

Feb 27 2019

HONG KONG Hong Kong unveiled a less expansionary budget for fiscal year 2019/20 on Wednesday, though with relief measures for individuals and businesses at a time of economic uncertainty and trade tensions as growth slowed sharply.

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