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Climate risk drives push to save Australia's weird, elusive platypuses

Apr 26 2021

BYABARRA, Australia It only takes a rustle and splash of an orange buoy floating on the Thone River for two Australian scientists to know they've found what they're looking for: the elusive platypus. | Video

Australian academics enlist amateur scientists to study microplastics

Apr 21 2021

SYDNEY Equipped with just a pan and sieve, a group of amateur scientists comb the beach looking for tiny bits of plastic that are near invisible to the naked eye but belie their threat. | Video

Accused in NZ volcano disaster make first court appearance

Mar 05 2021

SYDNEY Thirteen defendants charged by New Zealand's workplace regulator in relation to a deadly volcanic eruption more than a year ago made their first appearance in court on Friday.

Rubbish collection tour cleans up Sydney Harbour, one kayak at a time

Feb 11 2021

SYDNEY Arming each participant with a paddle, bucket, sieve and picker stick, 'Clean Up Kayak' is a tour of Australia's Sydney Harbour with a difference. | Video

Lobster shell patterns make concrete stronger: Australian researcher

Jan 27 2021

SYDNEY Inspired by the natural, twisting patterns of a lobster shell, Australian researchers say they have found a way, using 3D printing technology, to improve the strength of concrete for use in complex architecture. | Video

Sydney isolated from rest of Australia as COVID outbreak grows

Dec 20 2020

SYDNEY (Reuters) -Sydney was isolated from the rest of Australia on Sunday after all of the country's states and territories imposed travel restrictions on its residents as a coronavirus cluster in the city grew to around 70. | Video

Coral IVF trial offers hope of renewal for Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Dec 14 2020

SYDNEY Coral populations from Australia's first "Coral IVF" trial on the Great Barrier Reef in 2016 have not only survived recent bleaching events, but are on track to reproduce and spawn next year, researchers say. | Video

Australia's Qantas celebrates subdued 100th birthday, looks to post-COVID future

Nov 16 2020

SYDNEY Australia's Qantas Airways Ltd , the world's third-oldest airline, on Monday marked its 100th birthday during its toughest year yet due to the coronavirus pandemic but is looking to the future with optimism, its chief executive said.

Lucky baby anteater escapes birds, falls from tree into care of Australian zoo

Oct 21 2020

SYDNEY A lucky echidna puggle, or baby spiny anteater, that survived an attack by birds and fell from a tree is taking its first steps as zoo keepers in Australia hand-feed the young mammal. | Video

Australia relaxes lockdown further, intensifies economic recovery efforts

Jun 01 2020

SYDNEY Several Australian states eased social distancing restrictions further on Monday, allowing restaurants to host more people and public attractions to reopen, as the government moves to revive an ailing economy through accelerated infrastructure spending. | Video

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World powers urge truce as Israel-Palestinian conflict rages

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) -Israel bombarded Gaza with air strikes and Palestinian militants resumed cross-border rocket fire on Tuesday after a brief overnight lull during which the U.N. sent a small fuel convoy into the enclave, where it says 52,000 people are now displaced.