James Saft

When returns are low, reaching for more is usually unwise: James Saft

Sep 08 2017

If an investment strategy is good enough for one of the top minds in finance, it is probably good enough for you, right?

Saving hurts, and so do the errors of self-invested plans: James Saft

Sep 07 2017

(This Sept. 6 story corrects academic affiliations of authors of research in paragraph 8)

If world is drifting apart, it isn't happening in economic growth: James Saft

Sep 05 2017

If the world becoming less economically integrated, someone is going to have to explain why growth around the world is so remarkably consistent and tightly correlated.

Shutdown and default threaten U.S. safe-haven status: James Saft

Aug 31 2017

(The opinions expressed here are those of the author, a columnist for Reuters.)

Fund firms with more competition outperform: James Saft

Aug 30 2017

Unpleasant it may be, but investors do better if the mutual funds they hold are managed by companies with an ethos more like that of a viper pit than a kindergarten.

No one is paid to front run the apocalypse: James Saft

Aug 14 2017

That fund managers are rewarded for hugging the benchmarks they track is a big reason behind the otherwise puzzlingly mild reaction of financial markets to rising tensions and threats between nuclear powers the United States and North Korea.

Staid utility investing world upended by green energy revolution: James Saft

Aug 11 2017

The formerly staid, predictable world of utilities investing faces a revolution as the price of solar and wind energy plunges, creating new winners and losers.

Institutions beat individuals on the active investment fool’s errand: James Saft

Aug 09 2017

Institutions do better than individuals at active fund management, but given that both come out losers the underlying message is that picking stocks and bonds is a game neither group should play.

How the knowledge economy causes secular stagnation: James Saft

Aug 08 2017

To understand secular stagnation, with its low inflation and low growth, look first at the growth of the information economy and the expansion of intangible assets.

Looser bank regulation will do shareholders no favors: James Saft

Aug 04 2017

The Trump administration’s vision of a rollback in banking regulation isn’t just dubious medicine for the economy, it will do shareholders no favors.

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