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Breakingviews - Volatile Hong Kong poses a supply-chain quandary

Nov 13 2019

HONG KONG(Reuters Breakingviews) - The corporate calculus on Hong Kong is changing. For a third consecutive weekday, transport networks have been disrupted by violent anti-government protests, prompting schools to close and leaving workers stranded. Much the way toymakers and apparel vendors have accelerated their quest for factories outside China, its special administrative region poses an international supply-chain quandary.

Breakingviews - Sony’s activist defence is only semi-convincing

Sep 17 2019

LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Sony’s “Be Moved” slogan does not apply when an activist investor is applying pressure. The Japanese entertainment conglomerate on Tuesday rejected a proposal from Dan Loeb’s Third Point to spin off its chips business and offload its financial unit. Its defence is only partly convincing.

Breakingviews - The Exchange: The Asianisation of the world

Sep 16 2019

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - A splintering West and increasingly interconnected East is creating a newly powerful mega-region, according to Parag Khanna, author of “The Future is Asian.” He swung by the Breakingviews office in Hong Kong to break down the economic and geopolitical rationales behind his idea.

Breakingviews - Cathay shakeup clarifies China’s corporate muscle

Aug 16 2019

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - It looks as if China is now flying Cathay Pacific Airways. Chief Executive Rupert Hogg and one of his top deputies abruptly resigned on Friday after the company spent a week scrambling to quell a mainland backlash related to Hong Kong protests. The shakeup occurs at an especially bad time for the carrier.

Breakingviews - Toshiba invites foreigners to strut their stuff

May 14 2019

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Toshiba is back at the vanguard. The embattled $18 billion conglomerate led the way in Japan on everything from radar to laptop computers. Now it has nominated four non-Japanese directors for an expanded and more independent board. It’s a bold step in a country slowly rethinking corporate governance. Given previous failed experiments with outsiders, the company’s experience will be a litmus test.

Breakingviews - Samsung may stay true to its bleak words

Apr 30 2019

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Samsung Electronics isn’t mincing words. The South Korean semiconductor manufacturer reported a whopping 60 percent fall in first-quarter operating profit, blaming lower prices for memory chips amid a glut of supply. The abundant usage of “weak” and “slow” in its statement suggest investors may have to wait a while for a rebound.

Breakingviews - Hostile Japanese deal propels Abe’s third arrow

Mar 18 2019

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Things are getting testier at Japan Inc. In a rare act of domestic corporate aggression, trading house Itochu snatched a degree of control over $1.8 billion sportswear maker Descente. Toshiba, meanwhile, faces a shareholder insurrection while electronics group Alps Alpine has been sued over the merger that created the company. These hostilities are helping propel Shinzo Abe’s so-called third arrow.

Breakingviews - Nintendo plays winning Japanese buyback game

Feb 25 2019

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Stock buybacks are often a silly financial engineering game, but in Japan they warrant serious consideration. Nintendo shows how they can be played to winning effect.

Breakingviews - The Exchange: Joseph Tsai

Jan 29 2019

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Alibaba’s co-founder and executive vice chairman joins Breakingviews to reveal what the future holds for the $400 billion tech giant. As investors fret over economic uncertainties, Tsai also tackles the recent fallout from Huawei, a bruising trade war and the case for tax cuts.

Breakingviews - Starbucks will start brewing a venti Chinese deal

Jan 02 2019

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - The Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Shanghai stands as a hulking symbol of the company’s Chinese ambitions. The 30,000-square-foot caffeinated wonderland represents just one of 6,000, mostly smaller stores the chain plans to roll out across the mainland by 2022. Such bold plans will run up against stiffer competition and trade-war-related pressures in 2019. Local backers will help preserve this fledgling Bean Dynasty.

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