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Jill Priluck

Fed Circuit rules natural dietary supplements patent eligible

Mar 18 2019

A federal appeals court on Friday ruled that dietary supplements derived from natural ingredients were eligible for patent protection, reversing a lower court decision.

Enviro groups sue over delay in protecting Gulf of Mexico whale

Feb 25 2019

By Jill Priluck The Natural Resources Defense Council and New Orleans-based Healthy Gulf filed a complaint in federal court saying the National Marine Fisheries Service failed to make a final decision within the time required by the Endangered Species Act as to whether to list the mammal as endangered.

Court orders chemical safety board to get cracking on reporting rules

Feb 06 2019

A federal judge in Washington D.C. has ordered a federal agency to issue rules in the next 12 months for reporting accidental chemical releases, handing environmental groups a victory.

4th Circuit revives EEOC lawsuit over workplace medical exam

Feb 01 2019

A federal appeals court on Thursday revived a Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit accusing a South Carolina hospital operator of illegally firing a disabled employee in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The antitrust case against Comcast-Time Warner

Feb 19 2014

The antitrust scrutiny at the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission will likely center on this proposed merger's role as a monopsony.

Column: Does bad publicity kill merger plans — and should it?

Sep 30 2013

Last week Fairfax Financial Holdings chief executive officer Prem Watsa insisted that he would not walk away from a BlackBerry deal. "We've never renegotiated," he said. "Over 28 years our reputation is stellar on that front. We just don't do that." Watsa's statement followed a 6 percent loss in share price. The firm was in a tough spot. Reporters covered the market's lack of enthusiasm and the deal looked like it could be a goner.

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