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Jim Gaines

Surprise! There may be a way to fix Washington.

Nov 10 2014

Some prescriptions for fixing Washington may seem politically incorrect, but they are founded on not only the work of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s researchers in residence but also the long experience of the center's four co-founders -- George Mitchell, Tom Daschle, Robert Dole and the late Howard Baker.

Clear-eyed dissent from Supreme Court’s ruling to allow Texas voter ID law

Oct 18 2014

The decision to allow Texas' restrictive voter ID requirements did not articulate the Court’s reasoning, but a blistering dissent made clear that its basis was not Senate Bill 14, but rather the confusion that a change so close to the election might create.

A constitutional amendment to take Big Money out of politics dies quietly

Sep 12 2014

When you find Democrats close to Goldwater’s position on campaign finance and Republicans on the side of the ACLU, you have to wonder if something other than principle is driving the debate.

US strategy vs. Islamic State: Better right than fast

Sep 02 2014

It makes sense for President Barack Obama to weigh his options against the Islamic State, especially in a region where it's easy to do more harm than good.

Waiting for the cold light of day in Missouri and the Middle East

Aug 26 2014

There are unexpected, evocative similarities between the horrifying events in Ferguson, Missouri, and the area controlled by the Islamic State in Syria and northern Iraq.

US-Iran relations: When history isn’t history after all

Jun 19 2014

The notion that the U.S. deposed Mossadegh and imposed the shah on the people of Iran is one of the founding myths of the 1979 Iranian Revolution and among the most poignant intricacies of the American-Iranian relationship—one that is right now poised at a moment of great danger and great potential.

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