Jocelyn Wiener

'Safety net' clinics uneven in delivery of help to quit smoking

Jul 04 2018

(Reuters Health) - Health clinics where low-income people in the U.S. obtain medical care don't always offer help with quitting smoking - and availability of that assistance may vary by patients' ethnicity and insurance, a recent study suggests.

Paternal smoking linked to miscarriage risk

Jun 27 2018

(Reuters Health) - Would-be fathers may increase their partner's risk of miscarriage by smoking during the pregnancy, or even during the time leading up to conception, a large study from China suggests.

Hypertension costly to patients, society

Jun 11 2018

(Reuters Health) - Each year, U.S. adults with high blood pressure incur almost $2,000 more in annual healthcare costs, according to a new study

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