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Exclusive: In tactical shift, Iran grows new, loyal elite from among Iraqi militias

May 21 2021

BAGHDAD Iran has hand picked hundreds of trusted fighters from among the cadres of its most powerful militia allies in Iraq, forming smaller, elite and fiercely loyal factions in a shift away from relying on large groups with which it once exerted influence.

Saudi Arabia, Iran held talks more than once in Iraq - Iraqi president

May 05 2021

BAGHDAD (Reuters) -Iraq has hosted more than one round of talks between regional foes Iran and Saudi Arabia, Iraqi President Barham Salih said on Wednesday.

Iraq attacks deepen security woes as global, local rivals clash

Apr 16 2021

BAGHDAD A series of attacks in Iraq this week illustrates the increasingly dangerous tangle of local and regional rivalries confronting the country's security in an election year, Iraqi security and government officials say.

Pope, starting risky trip, urges Iraq to end violence

Mar 05 2021

BAGHDAD Pope Francis began his most risky foreign trip on Friday, flying into Iraq amid the tightest security ever seen for a papal visit to appeal to the country's leaders and people to end militant violence and religious strife. | Video

An ancient monastery in Iraq is a symbol of Christian survival

Mar 03 2021

ALQOSH, Iraq Nestled in a steep rocky hillside among the remote mountains of northern Iraq, the Rabban Hormizd Monastery has watched invaders come and go through Christianity's tumultuous history in this corner of ancient Mesopotamia.

In Iraq's Biblical lands, scattered Christians ask 'should I stay or go?'

Feb 26 2021

MOSUL, Iraq A jihadist message, "Islamic State endures", is still graffitied on the front gate of Thanoun Yahya, an Iraqi Christian from the northern city of Mosul, scrawled by Islamist militants who occupied his home for three years when they ruled the city. | Video

U.S. air strikes on Iran-backed militias in Syria kill at least one fighter

Feb 26 2021

* Targets were facilities of Iranian-backed militia- Pentagon

U.S. forces in Iraq hit by rockets, contractor killed

Feb 16 2021

ERBIL, Iraq A rocket attack on U.S.-led forces in northern Iraq killed a civilian contractor on Monday and injured a U.S. service member, the U.S. coalition in Iraq said, in the deadliest such attack in almost a year. | Video

Iraq rocket attack kills contractor, wounds U.S. service member - U.S. coalition

Feb 15 2021

ERBIL A rocket attack at a U.S.-led military base in Kurdish northern Iraq on Monday killed a civilian contractor and wounded five other people including a U.S. service member, according to initial reports, the U.S. coalition in Iraq said.

In Saddam strongholds that fought America, Iraqis fear a U.S. departure

Feb 05 2021

FALLUJAH, Iraq Abu Arkan Ibrahim picked up a rifle and joined the Iraqi insurgency against U.S. troops when they occupied his hometown of Fallujah in 2003. He was badly burned in the fighting. Now, he fears the departure of the Americans he once battled. | Video

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