John Mecklin


Dec 05 2017

[30日 ロイター] - 昨年の大統領選出馬から候補者討論会、さらには今夏の北朝鮮に対する「炎と怒り」発言に至るまで、ドナルド・トランプ氏のように衝動的な人物が、核のボタンを押せる大統領の地位に就くことを、共和・民主両党の専門家やキャリア軍人、外交官はずっと懸念してきた。

Commentary: Can Congress stop a president waging nuclear war?

Nov 30 2017

From the beginnings of the 2016 general election through the presidential debates and on to his “fire and fury” comments on North Korea this summer, the prospect of a president as impulsive as Donald Trump in command of nuclear weapons has worried experts in both parties and career military and government officials. This week’s North Korean test of a missile that might be able to reach the entire U.S. mainland with a nuclear warhead — and Trump’s initial response that “we will take care of it” — can hardly be expected to diminish the anxiety.

Commentary: The North Korean nuclear ‘crisis’ is an illusion

Sep 13 2017

Although it has involved disturbing events — ballistic missile launches, nuclear weapons tests, military exercises, inane bombast — the North Korean "crisis" of recent months is largely an invented one.

Commentary: What the candidates didn’t say about nukes

Sep 27 2016

This year's presidential campaign has featured relatively little detailed discussion of nuclear policy. That changed—a little—in Monday night's debate.

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