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Daily Briefing: ECB to boost euro zone economy, Danish left win

Jun 06 2019

LONDON The European Central Bank will try to give the ailing euro zone economy a fresh boost today - but ECB President Mario Draghi will want to keep some powder dry as an escalating global trade war could necessitate further action down the line.

Daily Briefing: Wounded May fights on despite "flight of the Brexiteers"

Nov 16 2018

LONDON Et tu Gove? Britain's pro-Brexit environment minister, Michael Gove, is apparently umming and ahhing about whether to stay in government, having turned down Prime Minister Theresa May's offer of the Brexit ministry.

Daily Briefing: ECB to stick with long goodbye to easy money

Jul 26 2018

LONDON The ECB is expected to keep policy unchanged on the grounds that the growing risk of a global trade war is not yet strong enough to scupper its plan to gradually exit its easy-money policy of the last few years.

Daily Briefing: A tale of two Brexits

Jul 25 2018

LONDON So it’s not just the politicians that are divided over Brexit ... Britain's banking industry will emerge largely unscathed from Brexit and retain its position as one of the world's top two financial centres for the foreseeable future, John McFarlane, Chairman of Barclays, has told Reuters.

Daily Briefing: Brexit and BRIC bats before the summer holidays

Jul 24 2018

LONDON British lawmakers break up for the summer holidays on Tuesday but before they go, parliament's Brexit committee has organised some end of term entertainment – grilling insurers over the progress (sic) of Brexit negotiations.

Daily Briefing: May looks forward to a Brexit break

Jul 23 2018

LONDON The summer holidays can't come soon enough for Theresa May. Members of parliament start a six week holiday from Tuesday, drawing a temporary halt to the bruising battles that have marked Britain's long goodbye to the European Union over the past week.

Daily Briefing: May ends chaotic Brexit week in Northern Ireland

Jul 20 2018

LONDON Theresa May heads for Northern Ireland on Friday at the end of a tumultuous week for her Brexit plans. The province has particular significance for May: she relies on its Democratic Unionist Party to stay in office and customs relations with Ireland are a key stumbling block to her Brexit plans.

Daily Briefing: Britain's new Mr Brexit goes to Brussels

Jul 19 2018

LONDON Britain's new minister for leaving the European Union, Dominic Raab, holds his first negotiations with Michel Barnier, the EU's pointman on Brexit later on Thursday.

Daily Briefing: May stares down Brexit rebels

Jul 18 2018

LONDON Theresa bares her teeth. If The Times of London is to be believed, the UK prime minister threatened pro-EU rebels with a general election this summer if they inflicted another parliamentary defeat on her Brexit plans for customs.

Daily Briefing: May girds for daily dose of Brexit rebellion

Jul 17 2018

LONDON New day, new Brexit battle for Theresa May. The UK prime minister won a series of parliamentary votes on her strategy to leave the European Union on Monday, albeit at the price of concessions to Eurosceptic hardliners.

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