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Hong Kong student applications to Australia hit three year high ahead of new security law

Jul 30 2020

SYDNEY The number of Hong Kong citizens applying to study at Australian universities has hit a three-year-high midway through 2020, according to government data, amid fears a new security law is ushering in a more authoritarian era for China's freest city.

RPT-Australia hopes for 'magnificent' wheat crop in pandemic economy

Jul 29 2020

* Australia was among top four wheat exporters before drought

Australia hopes for 'magnificent' wheat crop in pandemic economy

Jul 29 2020

SYDNEY Just months after rains broke Australia's crippling three-year drought, fields of grain have sprung to life, lifting forecasts for a bumper wheat harvest and reviving the beaten up agricultural sector through roaring tractor sales and increased lending.

Tonga asks China to restructure heavy debt load

Jul 23 2020

SYDNEY The Pacific island nation of Tonga has asked Beijing to restructure its large bilateral debt load, the government said on Thursday, as the pandemic upends the region's tourism revenues and an onerous Chinese loan repayment schedule looms.

Sacred sites blast exposes Australia's laws skewed to mining

Jul 09 2020

MELBOURNE/SYDNEY When mining giant Rio Tinto blew up two ancient caves in Western Australia's iron-ore rich Pilbara with state approval, the destruction was met with anger from indigenous landowners for whom the sites were of deep cultural and sacred importance.

Fearful of China's new security law, Hong Kongers scramble for safe havens

Jul 03 2020

SYDNEY/SINGAPORE Many Hong Kong residents are scouring for new jobs and homes overseas, fearful that a new national security law imposed by Beijing will crush coveted rights not enjoyed on the mainland and herald a new authoritarian era for China's freeest city.

Kiribati's pro-China leader wins re-election in blow to Taiwan

Jun 23 2020

SYDNEY The leader of small but strategically located Kiribati has won a closely watched presidential run-off after campaigning on a pro-China platform, in a set back to Taiwan's hopes to re-establish ties with a country that ditched it for Beijing last year.

Fierce presidential election erupts in Pacific amid China-Taiwan tussle

Jun 19 2020

SYDNEY/TAIPEI The presidential run-off in the Pacific island nation of Kiribati between a pro-Beijing leader and an opposition candidate sympathetic to Taiwan is the most aggressive campaign in the country's history, according to former president Anote Tong.

Chinese interest in Australian property shrinks as diplomatic rift grows

Jun 18 2020

SYDNEY Chinese buyer enquiries for Australian homes fell to their lowest in almost three years in May, according to independent data, suggesting multi-billion dollar housing demand could be another casualty of a diplomatic spat between the two countries.

Australian wool prices plummet as Chinese mills seize control of bidding

May 21 2020

* Border closures during pandemic have devastated wool prices

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