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'So happy': Honduran asylum-seeker celebrates rejoining family in U.S.

Jun 20 2021

CIUDAD JUAREZ There was one word that rolled off migrant Andy Molina's tongue as he spoke about plans to soon reunite with his wife and son in the United States after two years of separation: "happy." | Video

Biden steps up family expulsions as U.S.-Mexico border arrivals keep climbing

Mar 20 2021

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico The United States is expelling migrants to Mexico far from where they are caught crossing the border, according to Reuters witnesses, in a move that circumvents the refusal of authorities in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas who stopped accepting the return of migrant families with younger children. | Video

U.S. expels dozens of Haitian asylum seekers to Mexico

Feb 03 2021

CIUDAD JUAREZ U.S. authorities returned dozens of Haitians to the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez from El Paso, Texas, on Wednesday, a move that appeared to contradict a policy agreement in place with Mexico brokered under the previous U.S. administration.

Biden's immigration changes too late for grandfather deported on Inauguration Day

Jan 27 2021

CIUDAD JUAREZ As U.S. President Joe Biden took the oath of office last Wednesday, Felipe Ortega sat in a van handcuffed and chained at the waist and feet, headed toward Mexico and the end of his 30-year life in the United States.

'The nightmare is over': Optimism in Mexico as Biden rolls back Trump's immigration policies

Jan 21 2021

CIUDAD JUAREZ Dozens of asylum seekers crowded the U.S. port of entry in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez on Thursday after U.S. President Joe Biden began his term in office by reversing many of former President Trump's hardline immigration policies.

Cuban migrants protest at Mexico border, seeking entry to U.S.

Dec 30 2020

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico Dozens of Cubans protested at the U.S. border in the northern Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez on Tuesday night, demanding they be allowed to cross and claim asylum in the United States.

Biden win bolsters asylum seekers' hopes of policy shift

Nov 07 2020

CIUDAD JUAREZ The news and celebrations spread fast among communities of asylum seekers stranded from Tijuana to Matamoros more than 1,500 miles along the U.S.-Mexican border on Saturday - Joe Biden had won the race for the White House.

Cuban asylum seekers dismayed their compatriots boosted Trump in Florida

Nov 04 2020

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico Jose Manuel Maranillo, a Cuban asylum seeker stranded in Mexico by Republican President Donald Trump's immigration policies, was distraught when learned his brother-in-law in Florida had voted for him.

Drought-hit Mexicans assert demands that water sharing with U.S. ends

Sep 20 2020

LA BOQUILLA DAM, Mexico Protesters gathered on Sunday in drought-hit northern Mexico in an attempt to retain control of a dam key to government efforts to diffuse tensions over a water sharing pact with the United States.

Mexico's militarized police under investigation after deadly clash with protesters

Sep 10 2020

MEOQUI, Chihuahua Prosecutors in Mexico are questioning 17 militarized police involved in a gunfight that killed a woman and left her husband injured, officials said on Thursday, after tensions flared in protests against a dam diverting water to the United States.

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