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Kenyan court sentences Briton to four years on terrorism charges

May 09 2019

MOMBASA, Kenya A Kenyan court on Thursday sentenced a British man to four years in prison on charges of helping to plan attacks in Kenya and possessing bomb-making materials.

British man guilty of possessing bomb-making materials in Kenya

Apr 24 2019

MOMBASA A British man accused of helping to plan terrorist attacks in Kenya was found guilty on Wednesday of possession of bomb-making materials but acquitted of conspiracy to commit a felony. | Video

Kenya bomber's journey offers cautionary tale of intelligence failures

Jan 31 2019

NAIROBI/MOMBASA, Kenya The bomber who blew himself up outside a Nairobi hotel this month, launching an attack that killed 21 people, was already so well-known to Kenyan police that they had emblazoned his face across billboards under the slogan "WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE".

Kenyan police on trial over killing of British aristocrat's son

Jan 23 2019

MOMBASA, Kenya Four Kenyan policemen went on trial in Mombasa on Tuesday accused of killing the son of a British aristocrat in police custody in 2012, a high-profile case that has become a litmus test of accountability for Kenya's security services. | Video

Kenya charges three Chinese railway workers with bribery

Nov 26 2018

MOMBASA Prosecutors in Kenya charged three Chinese men on Monday with trying to bribe detectives investigating fraud involving ticket sales on a $3.2 billion railway built by a Chinese company.

Kenya clears fuel spillage after cargo train derails on coast

May 21 2018

MOMBASA Kenyan authorities worked to clear fuel and recover damaged wagons on Monday a day after a train carrying 250,000 liters of petrol derailed at Mombasa and dumped part of its cargo into the Indian Ocean and onto a major highway, officials said.

Heavy rains, landslides kill at least 100 in Kenya: Red Cross

Apr 30 2018

MOMBASA Hiribae Mame stood waist-deep in water outside her wrecked house in eastern Kenya, one of around 200,000 people forced to flee by weeks of floods, landslides and heavy rains.

Kenya police raid Islamic school, arresting teachers and holding 100 children

Dec 19 2017

MOMBASA, Kenya Kenyan police raided an Islamic school on Tuesday, arresting two teachers and taking around 100 children into protective custody in what police described as a counter-terrorism operation involving foreign law-enforcement agencies.

Kenyan opposition leader Odinga, who withdrew from vote re-run, calls for protests

Oct 15 2017

MOMBASA, Kenya Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga, who withdrew from a presidential election re-run set for Oct. 26 saying it should only take place once wide-ranging reforms are undertaken, urged his supporters on Sunday to hold protests.

Gunmen kill two in attack on university convoy in Kenya

Oct 10 2017

MOMBASA, Kenya Two staff members of a Kenyan university were killed south of Mombasa on Tuesday when gunmen fired on vehicles carrying them and students to their campus, the area police chief said.

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