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Juarawee Kittisilpa

Thai pro-government rally raises risk of new confrontations

Jul 30 2020

BANGKOK Dozens of Thai demonstrators singing patriotic songs and shouting "long live the king" rallied in the capital on Thursday in response to a series of anti-government protests led by student groups in recent weeks.

New tiger sightings in Thailand raise conservation hopes

Jul 28 2020

BANGKOK Camera traps in a forest in western Thailand have captured footage of tigers in an area for the first time in four years, a conservationist said, raising hopes over efforts to preserve the species in the Southeast Asian country. | Video

Thai LGBT activists raise pride flag in anti-government rally

Jul 25 2020

BANGKOK Hundreds of Thai LGBT activists and allies raised rainbow flags on Saturday evening as they called for democracy and equal rights, the latest in a series of youth protests calling for the government to step down.

Thailand says monkey labour 'almost non-existent' after UK shop ban

Jul 08 2020

BANGKOK Monkey labour to harvest coconuts for commercial products "is almost non-existent" in Thailand, the commerce minister said on Monday, after British retailers announced bans on products campaigners say use the animals in their production. | Video

Net gains: Thai project turns fishing nets into virus protection gear

Jul 03 2020

RAYONG/AYUTTHAYA, Thailand Thai fisherman Anan Jaitang used to pile tattered nylon fishing nets on the beach after hauls of wriggling crabs tore them beyond repair, but most of the nets wound up in the sea, threatening to entangle turtles and choke coral reefs. | Video

Trauma, abuse for Thai elephants taught tricks for tourists, charity says

Jun 29 2020

BANGKOK Undercover video obtained for an investigation into alleged animal cruelty shows baby elephants in Thailand taken from their mothers then exposed to abusive training methods to perform tricks for tourists, according to a wildlife charity.

Thai trials of COVID-19 vaccine reach make-or-break stage

Jun 22 2020

SARABURI, Thailand Thai scientists administered a second dose of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine to monkeys on Monday, looking for another positive response to enable clinical trials in humans as early as October.

Thai clinic offers mini face mask for up close beauty treatments

Jun 03 2020

BANGKOK As Thai businesses modify their work practices after coming out of lockdown, a beauty clinic in Bangkok has devised a mini face mask for clients receiving up close and personal cosmetic treatments during the era of the coronavirus. | Video

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