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Justin Gest

Commentary: Donald Trump takes working-class whites down with him

Nov 02 2016

After decades of feeling politically marginalized, a significant bloc of white working-class Americans saw Donald Trump as their long-awaited standard bearer. True, Trump was imperfect, with all his unfiltered arrogance, but he seemed to understand their plight and exasperation.

Commentary: Dispatch from deep in the heart of Trump Country

Aug 18 2016

On Monday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump campaigned in Youngstown, Ohio, where Democratic Party nominees have won virtually every significant election for decades.

Strange bedfellows: Donald Trump and the white working class

Aug 23 2015

Trump, a plutocrat who regularly flaunts his extraordinary wealth, is the candidate whose message most closely aligns with sentiments of Rust Belt voters who have lost manufacturing jobs, lack a college degree or are low-wage earners.

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