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Kagondu Njagi

Instant forest? 'Tree hopping' takes off in Kenya

3:39am EST

KERITA, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The sun beat down on Samuel Rono's farm in Kerita, a village in southern Kenya, as six young men struggled to load one of several large trees into a waiting truck.

Kenyan farmers try to sweep away landslide risks with bamboo

Nov 07 2018

MAKOMBOKI, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Lunch at Macharia Mirara's house in the village of Makomboki used to be a cheery occasion as his children chattered about their morning at school. But these days, no one is home.

FEATURE-Rain or shine, grain banks help Kenyan farmers beat trade cartels

Nov 02 2018

MUKOTHIMA, Kenya, Nov 2 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For a farmer who has repeatedly suffered poor harvests due to inadequate rains, Silas Kirimi was surprised to find himself with the opposite problem this year: What to do with last season's bumper harvest of green gram?

Efficient cookstoves take up a new task in Kenya: heating

Sep 25 2018

NGURIUNDITU, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Joyce Njenga replaced her traditional open-fire hearth with an energy-saving stove, she was pleased it lived up to its promised efficiencies: using less firewood and halving cooking times.

With 'worm juice,' Kenya's farmers boost their soil - and harvests

Sep 14 2018

NDABIBI, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Stooped over a large plastic drum at his farm in southwestern Kenya, Josphat Macharia scoops up a handful of dirt and examines the worms writhing in his grip.

FEATURE-Property boom in rural Kenya creates 'poor millionaires'

Sep 10 2018

NDAGANI, Kenya, Sept 10 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A few years ago, Charles Kirimi lived comfortably in central Kenya, with his own house and car. These days, he sleeps on the streets and scrapes by on coins from bus drivers who pay him to bring them passengers.

Milking it: solar coolers heat up earnings for Kenya's dairy farmers

Aug 29 2018

KIBUMBU, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Four years ago, Njeru Kamuru nearly quit dairy farming. But when he learned that a solar-powered milk-cooling plant was to be built in his Kenyan village, he changed his mind.

When bits meet bites: Kenya's farm-to-fork online delivery cuts waste, boosts earnings

Aug 09 2018

NAIROBI, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When two university students knocked on the door of Lillian Kanari's organic food shop five years ago seeking work, she realized their web design skills could help her business solve one of its most intractable problems: food waste.

FEATURE-Plastic ban raises hopes for Kenya's sisal farmers

Jun 21 2018

KIBWEZI, Kenya, June 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - K enyan farmer Sam Mung'ala once struggled to feed his family by growing cowpeas and sorghum. These days he is betting on a new type of merchandise: shopping bags.

Nairobi looks for new water to ease its growing thirst

Jun 12 2018

ONDIRI, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When last year's prolonged drought saw the water supply to Damaris Kiarie's Nairobi home rationed, she decided her best bet was to buy water from a local vendor.

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