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Kagondu Njagi

Weather alerts at risk as Kenya's radio stations struggle amid virus downturn

Aug 06 2020

KANGEMA, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In these hills a two-hour drive north of Nairobi, the weather can shift quickly and sometimes violently, as recent landslides along the winding highway make clear.

Solar keeps lights, phones on for rural Kenyans during pandemic blackouts

Jul 23 2020

GAKUNGA, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Lucyline Wanja Silas installed a 12-volt solar power unit at her home to help her children study at night, little did she know it would become essential to her and her neighbours in Gakunga village, central Kenya, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Land rights battle inches Kenyan rice farmers closer to title deeds

Jul 21 2020

NGURUBANI, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Wilson Kariuki's three younger children finish high school, the Kenyan rice farmer will not have to worry about paying to send them to a university far from home, as he did with his two eldest.

Kenya's push to harvest rainwater has a new payoff: battling coronavirus

Apr 02 2020

MUITU, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Since he installed a thousand-liter rainwater collection tank at his home in central Kenya last year, Kennedy Kabunge has had few worries about access to clean water.

Mine, all mine: Rock quarrying fuels land disputes in Kenya

Dec 04 2019

KIBINGO, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Jotham Micheni and his brothers were divvying up their family land in central Kenya after their father's death, nobody wanted to take the barren patch on the eastern flank.

Innovation buzz: Drones help Ghana's farmers ward off birds - and drought risks

Oct 16 2019

ASUTSUARE, Ghana (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ephraim Kofi Kenney does not like to work in the fields scaring pests away. But today he must.

FEATURE-Kenyan farmers snap crops with phones to improve insurance payouts

Oct 11 2019

MUIRI, Kenya, Oct 11 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Farmer Thomas Mwiraria surveyed the parched terrain at a church compound in Muiri village in central Kenya, and asked a passing agricultural officer when he thought the rains would come.

CORRECTED-FEATURE-Kenyan farmers mix tradition with tech to protect drying Mara River

Oct 05 2019

ILULA, Kenya, Oct 5 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Anyone hearing the loud singing coming from Isaac Chereger's farm would be forgiven for thinking it was a particularly enthusiastic church gathering.

Tricked by family members, widows in rural Kenya left landless

Sep 04 2019

CHERA, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Two years ago, Alice Ciamati was living comfortably in a house on a plot of land she had recently inherited from her husband.

'Green gold': Kenyan farmers abandon food crops to grow herbal stimulant

Aug 12 2019

KANYUAMBORA, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - At this time of year, Albert Njeru's farm would usually be blanketed with shoulder-high rows of maize.

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