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Islamic State kills 24 with Baghdad car bomb, attack police stations in Samarra

Jan 02 2017

BAGHDAD/TIKRIT, Iraq An Islamic State car bomb killed 24 people in Baghdad's Sadr City district on Monday and the militants also attacked two police stations in the city of Samarra as Iraqi forces fought to oust the group from Mosul, its last major stronghold in Iraq. | Video

Baghdad blasts kill 29 as Mosul fighting intensifies

Dec 31 2016

BAGHDAD/ERBIL, Iraq Three bombs killed 29 people in Baghdad on Saturday as fighting intensified in the northern city of Mosul, where Iraqi government forces are trying to rout Islamic State militants from their last major stronghold in the country.

Suicide bombing, shootouts kill around 55 in Iraq: police

Oct 15 2016

BAGHDAD Around 55 people were killed in Iraq in attacks on Saturday that targeted a Shi'ite Muslim gathering, a police check-point and the family of a Sunni paramilitary leader opposed to Islamic State, according to security and medical sources. | Video

Four killed, 90 injured in Baghdad's Green Zone riots: hospitals

May 21 2016

BAGHDAD At least four anti-government protesters were killed and 90 injured when security forces ejected them from Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, hospital sources said on Saturday. | Video

Protesters storm Baghdad's Green Zone again, dozens hurt

May 20 2016

BAGHDAD Iraqi security forces opened fire on protesters who stormed into Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone on Friday and entered the cabinet building, drawing calls for revolt from a powerful Shi'ite Muslim cleric. | Video

After bombings in Baghdad kill 77, Sadr's forces deploy in some areas

May 17 2016

BAGHDAD At least 77 people were killed and more than 140 wounded by three bombings in Baghdad on Tuesday, extending the deadliest spate of attacks in the Iraqi capital so far this year and driving Shi'ite fighters into the streets to defend some areas. | Video

Islamic State attacks gas plant north of Baghdad, killing 11

May 15 2016

BAGHDAD An Islamic State attack on a state-run gas plant in Baghdad's northern outskirts on Sunday killed at least 11 people, including policemen, and forced two power stations it supplied to suspend electricity production. | Video

Street protests magnify political crisis in Baghdad after deadly bombings

May 12 2016

BAGHDAD A day after the year's deadliest attack in the Iraqi capital, supporters of a Shi'ite cleric took to the streets of Baghdad on Thursday to denounce the government for failing to protect them, escalating political confrontation that could doom the ruling coalition. | Video

Islamic State bombs kill 80 in deadliest Baghdad attacks this year

May 11 2016

BAGHDAD Three suicide bombings claimed by Islamic State across Baghdad killed at least 80 people on Wednesday, Iraqi police and hospital sources said, in the deadliest attacks in the Iraqi capital this year. | Video

Bombs in Baghdad kill 14, including some Shi'ite pilgrims

May 02 2016

BAGHDAD Three bombs went off in and around Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 14 people, including Shi'ite Muslim worshippers conducting an annual pilgrimage inside the capital, police and medical sources said. | Video

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IMF chief says Omicron could dent global economic growth

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The International Monetary Fund is likely to lower its global economic growth estimates due to the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus, the global lender's chief said at the Reuters Next conference on Friday in another sign of the turmoil unleashed by the ever-changing pandemic.